Holden V2, VZ & CV8 Monaro

2001 - 2005

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Sydney International Motor Show, 15 October, 1998
Intended as a design and marketing study, the car is described as an exploration of Commodore-based coupe design themes. It will be utilised by Holden market researchers to gauge consumer attitudes and preferences. Unveiling the car, Michael Simcoe, Executive-In-Charge, Design, said the Holden designers who initiated the project had been passionately committed to creating a dynamic new profile from the established VT Commodore platform. "It was a labour of love and much of that labour was done purely in peoples own time," he said.

Holden's virtual reality design studio is the most advanced and versatile design tool of its kind within the General Motors group. The studio enabled Holden designers and engineers to deliver a true four-seater rear wheel drive sports machine.

Chairman and Managing Director of Holden, Peter Hanenberger, gave journalists a private briefing prior to the unveiling of the brand new Monaro at the Sydney Motor Show. Those in attendance were told of the behind the scenes activities that occurred to make the dream of a new Monaro possible.

December 2001: Original V2 series launched as 171kW supercharged V6 auto-only CV6 with 17 inch wheels and a 225kW GenIII V8, CV8 with HSV-style 18 inch wheels. CV6 has plainer interior. CV8 has piano black dash insert and colour coded instruments.

December 2002: V2 Series II facelift. New five spoke alloys in CV6 17 inch and CV8 18 inch sizes. CV8 gains tuned exhaust and twin tail pipes. Dash revised to match latest Commodore. V8 boosted to 235kW. Body stiffness optimized.

June 2003: Limited edition 350 build CV8-R. Special wheels, Turbine mica paint. CV6 discontinued.

August 2003: V2 Series III facelift. CV8 boosted to 245kW.

May 2004: Limited edition 350 build CV8-R. Pulse red.

September 2004: VZ CV8 new model with Pontiac GTO bonnet vents, revised cabin and styling upgrades. V8 upgraded to 260kW/500Nm. New M12 six-speed manual with shorter close ratios, re-worked 4L65 auto, split exhaust system, cross flow radiator, 320 mm front discs with C6 calipers.

August 2005: Final 1200 limited build CV8-Z. Special badging, HBD sunroof. New Fusion colour but also available in other colours.

December 2005: Local Monaro production scheduled to end but export and HSV models continue into 2006.

March 2008: Coupe 60

August 2013: VF virtual Prototype

V2 Monaro

Two models have been produced, a Supercharged automatic producing 171kW is known as the CV6, and a more up-market CV8 featuring the sensational GENIII V8 engine and available in both 4 speed automatic and 6 speed manual transmission.

Holden's stunning new 2 door sports coupe, the Monaro, has arrived. This is the car that brings to life your dreams - get behind the wheel and feel the exhilaration. Subtle styling outside, true luxury inside - some may call it sheer indulgence.

Many will dream of owning one, but only a few will ever actually own one. Each Monaro will be built to specific order, to the preferences and requirements of the individual - colour, engine, interior, features and accessories are tailored to order.

Available in 7 colours with a selection of coloured leather trim options in the CV8, the new Monaro is truly breath-taking.

CV6 priced from $47,990; CV8 from $56,990 plus optional equipment.


Delft Blue Devil Yellow Flame Orange
Hothouse Green Phantom Black Quick Silver
Red Hot

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V2 Series Specifications

  • 3.8L Supercharged V6: HEC Supercharged ECOTEC 3800
  • 5.7L V8: GENIII LS1 V8 (Series I only)
  • 5.7L V8: High Output 235kW V8 (Series II only)
  • 5.7L V8: High Output 245kW V8 (Series III only)
  • 6 speed manual (V8 only): T56
  • 4 speed automatic: GM 4L60E
  • Front: MacPherson strut. Direct acting stabiliser bar. Progressive rate coil springs.
  • Rear: Control-Link Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). Semi-trailing arm. Progressive rate miniblock coil springs. Stabiliser bar.
  • Sports Suspension (FE2): Front: Sports springs. Revised stabiliser bar diameter. Rear: Sports springs. Gas pressure dampers.
  • Type: Variable ratio rack & pinion.
  • Turning circle: 11.0m
  • Turns lock to lock:
  • Front: Ventilated disc and finned twin-piston caliper.
  • Rear: Disc
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): 4 sensor, 4 channel
  • Wheels: 17x8 inch alloy wheels for CV6; 18x8 inch alloy wheels for CV8
  • Tyres: P235/45 V-rated for 17 inch wheels; P235/40 V-rated for 18 inch wheels

Wheelbase (mm): 2788
Front track (mm): 1559
Rear track (mm): 1577
Overall length (mm): 4789
Overall width (mm): 1841
Overall height (mm): 1397
Ground Clearance (mm):
Leg room (Front) (mm): 1072
Leg room (Rear) (mm): 942
Shoulder room (Front) (mm): 1515
Shoulder room (Rear) (mm): 1312
Head room (Front) (mm): 946
Head room (Rear) (mm): 848
Hip room (Front) (mm): 1472
Hip room (Rear) (mm): 1275
Cargo volume (L): 370

Fuel Consumption:
Tested to AS2877
  • Supercharged V6 Automatic City / Highway (PULP): 12.5 / 7.6 (L/100km)
  • V8 Automatic City/Highway: 13.0 / 8.0 (L/100km)
  • V8 Manual City/Highway: 13.0 / 7.4 (L/100km)
Fuel Tank:
  • Petrol Tank Capacity: 75L
  • Supercharged V6 Ratio: 3.08:1
  • V8 Automatic Ratio: 3.08:1
  • V8 Manual Ratio: 3.46:1
  • CV6 with Supercharged V6 (kg): 1603
  • CV8 with V8 Auto (kg): 1645
  • CV8 with V8 Manual (kg): 1640



HEC Supercharged ECOTEC V6

'V' configuration. Cold air intake. High flow air cleaner. OHV design with cross flow cylinder heads. Sequential fuel injection. High energy, distributorless ignition. Twin knock-control sensors. Computer diagnostics. Electric cooling fan. Low restriction dual exhaust in stainless steel. Electronic control supercharger. Triple Coils. Cross-bolted main bearings. 4 bolt.

Compression ratio: 8.5 : 1

Maximum power: 171 kW @ 5200 rpm (on PULP (Premium Unleaded))

Maximum torque: 375 Nm @ 3000 rpm (on PULP)

Recommended Fuel: 95 Octane (PULP)

Alternative Fuel: 91 Octane (ULP)

Gen III LS1 5.7L V8 (Series I only)

New imported "Generation III" V8 engine

Holden is using the sensational 5.7 litre (350 c.i.) alloy V8 engine in it's new VX Commodore, VU Utility, WH Statesman and Monaro range. The new motor comes from the United States fully credentialed having powered the latest Chevrolet Corvette & Camaro since 1997. The 225kW Generation III motor produces 23 per cent more power and 11.5 per cent more torque than the 5.0 litre engine it replaced. Developed by General Motors Powertrain Group at a cost of US$1 billion, the GEN III is engineered to satisfy 21st century criteria in terms of compact packaging and operating efficiency, whilst remaining a muscular performer in the true V8 tradition.

A 90 degree V8 configuration, the GEN III engine is a conventional overhead valve design that maximises packaging efficiency and allows designers greater flexibility in vehicle design. It weighs in at just 185Kg, 18% less than the old 5.0 V8, and about the same as the 3.8 litre ECOTEC V6. The significant reduction in weight has been achieved through the use of a cast aluminium cylinder block, head and sump, and the clever engineering of components, such as a hollow camshaft-in-block, lightweight pistons and a nylon composite intake manifold. The composite intake manifold also improves volumetric efficiency and thermal insulation for extreme temperature operation. Advanced low friction technology is responsible for improvements in engine fuel efficiency. Roller camshaft followers and rocker arms replace friction-producing sliding surfaces to maximise power.

The new U.S. sourced motor is significantly more fuel efficient and cleaner than its predecessor. Holden's Commodore VX brochure quotes 13.5 litres per 100kms (same as supercharged V6 auto), and an incredible 8.5 L/100km on the highway (13.0 and 7.4 in the 6 speed manual version).

The new bigger V8 is available across the whole Commodore/Statesman/Utility range at an additional $4000 (approx.) over the V6.

The graph illustrated here shows the new GEN III engine in red, the supercharged V6 in orange, and the ECOTEC V6 in purple. The graph measures power (kW) against engine revs (RPM).

The high powered supercharged engine, develops 171kW of power. Rivalling the ECOTEC 3800 V6 for economy, the supercharger increases power output by 19kW, and torque by a massive 70Nm to 375 @ 3000rpm.

  • Control link IRS
  • FE2 sports suspension
  • ABS anti-lock brakes
  • Traction control
  • 17" x 8" alloys wheels
  • Front fog-lamps
  • Front side and rear skirts
  • Full immersion body corrosion protection
  • Full stainless steel long life exhaust system
  • Leather steering wheel cover
  • Cruise control
  • 6 function trip computer
  • AM/FM stereo CD player/cassette player
  • 6 speaker 80 watts system with steering wheel mounted controls
  • Power antenna
  • Sport seats with high side support wings
  • Full 8 way electric seat adjustments
  • Front seat lumbar supports
  • Driver, passenger and side impact airbags
  • Air conditioning
  • Power windows
  • Remote central locking with deadlocks
  • Anti-theft alarm/immobiliser
  • Additional CV8 features
  • Limited slip differential
  • 18" x 8" alloy wheels
  • Auto on headlights
  • 12 function trip computer
  • Colour coded instruments
  • 10 speaker260 watts sound system v10 stack CD player
  • Height adjustable power antenna
  • Optional coloured leather trim
  • Climate control air conditioning
  • Priority key system

    V2 Series II

    High Output 235kW Gen III LS1 5.7L V8 (Series II Only)

    Same features as standard V8, plus: High Performance Dual Exhaust.

    Maximum power: 235 kW @ 5200 rpm

    Maximum torque: 465 Nm @ 4400 rpm

    High Output 245kW Gen III LS1 5.7L V8 (Series III Only)

    Same features as standard V8, plus: High Performance Dual Exhaust.

    Maximum power: 245 kW @ 5600 rpm

    Maximum torque: 465 Nm @ 4400 rpm


    T56 6-speed Manual Transmission
    First:   2.66
    Second:   1.78
    Third:   1.30
    Fourth:   1.00
    Fifth:   0.74 
    Sixth:   0.50
    GM 4L60-E 4-speed Automatic Transmission
    First:   3.06
    Second:   1.63
    Third:   1.00
    Fourth:   0.70


    V2 Gallery

    2005 CV8

    2006 July CV8-Z

                        CV8 - Series 1

    Engine - Chevrolet LS1 V8

    Capacity 5665 cc
    Power 225kW @ 5200 rpm
    Torque 460Nm @ 4400 rpm
    Transmission - Tremec T56
    Gear Ratios
    1st 2.66
    2nd 1.78
    3rd 1.30
    4th 1.00
    5th 0.74
    6th 0.50

    Transmission - 4L60 auto

    Gear Ratios
    1st 3.06
    2nd 1.63
    3rd 1.00
    4th 0.7
    Rear axle
    Ratio - manual 3.46 : 1 LSD
    Ratio - auto 3.08 : 1 LSD
    Rims 17" x 8" alloys
    Tyres 235 / 45 V-rated


    VZ Gallery

    CV8 Gallery

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