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Small Block Chevy Suffix Codes: CMK - CUD

GM body designation. All these are identified here. Quickly, A = Chevelle, F = Camaro, X = Nova. If you're looking at the engine code - this is already known. If you're looking at the casting # information and it mentions 3970010 "A/F/X/Y/B".... basically this means "it's used in everything", whereas if it simply states "Y"... this means Corvette.

RPO FY CID Appl VIN HP BBLS Body/Comments
CMK 1974350t400 NB2 pol/taxi -4full size
CML 1975350  1554Camaro
CML 1976350LM1L1654F X
CML 1980305LG4H1554Camaro
CML 1980350LM1L1904Z-28
CMM 1975350LM1 1654A B F
CMN 1975350LM1L1654A B F
CMN 1980305LG4H1554G
CMP 1991350L98, a/t8240TPIFirebird
CMR 1974350tur hydro trans.-1452A
CMR 1978350m/tL82 42204Vette/Z-28
CMR 1980305auto trans.H LG41554full size
CMS 1974350m/t, 4 spd 1854Camaro
CMS 1978350a/tL82 42204Vette
CMS 1980305auto trans.H LG41554full size
CMT 1974350t4OOL822454Camaro/Chevy II
CMT 1978350LM1L1704B
CMT 1980305auto trans.H LG41554full size/Chevy II
CMU 1975350145--2A F X
CMX 1975350145- 2full size
CMY 1975350145--2FXB
CNA 1970350manual trans.-3604Z28
CNA 1982350Police LM1L1854B
CNB 1970350tur hydramatic 3604Z28
CNB 1982350Police LM1L1854B
CNC 1970307manual trans.-2002A F X
CND 1970307manual 4 spd-2002A F X
CND 1970350manual trans.-2502B
CNE 1970307Powerglide-2002A F X
CNF 1970307tur 350 trans.-2002A F X
CNF 1982350Police LM1L1854B
CNG 1970307m/t 2002El Cam/Chevy II
CNH 1970307Powerglide 2002El Cam/Chevy II
CNH 1982350Police LM1L1854B/Bel Air/Kingswd
CNI 1970350manual trans.-2502AFX
CNJ 1970350manual trans.-3004A F X/Bel Air/Kingswd
CNK 1970350Powerglide-3004A F X/Bel Air/Kingswd
CNM 1970350Powerglide-2502A F X/Bel Air/Kingswd
CNN 1970350tur 350-2502A F X
CNP 19703504 spd, pol/taxi-2502Caprice/Bel Air/Kingswd
CNQ 1971350manual trans.-3004full size
CNR 1970350tur hydro trans-3004Caprice/Bel Air/Kingswd
CNS 1970350Pwrglide, pol/taxi-3004Caprice/Bel Air/Kingswd
CNT 1970350t/h trns, pol/taxi-3004Caprice/Bel Air/Kingswd
CNT 1978350auto trans.L--full size
CNU 1970350Powerglide trans. 2502full size
CNV 1970350tur hydro trans. 2502Caprice
CNW 1970350Pwrglide, pol/taxi 2502Caprice
CNX 1970350t/h trns, pol/taxi 2502Caprice
CPA 1976305vins; 76:Q, 77:ULG31452F X
CPA 1980267L39J1202G
CPC 1976305vins; 76:Q, 77:ULG31452F X
CPC 1980267auto trans.J L391202G
CPD 1980267J L39 1202Camaro
CPH 1980267auto trans.J L391202full size
CPJ 1976305LG3Q1402F X
CPJ 1978305LG3U1452X
CPK 1977305LG3U1452Monza
CPL 1977305LG3U1452Monza
CPL 1980267L39J1202full size
CPM 1977305LG3U1452B X
CPM 1980267L39J1202G
CPR 1977305LG3U1452B
CPR 1980267L39J1202G
CPS 1977305LG3U1452X
CPT 1977305LG3U1452X
CPU 1977305LG3U1452Monza
CPX 1977305LG3U1452Monza
CPY 1977305LG3U1452F A X
CPZ 1978305LG3U1452G
CO 1958283m/t, 3 spd 2304Vette
CR 1958283m/t, 3 spd 250FIVette
CR2 1975350    Chevelle
CRA 1977305LG3U1452A
CRA 1982305LG4H1454F B G/Chevelle/Monte
CRA 1982305Roch E4ME carb.H LG41454F G B
CRB 1977305LG3U1452B
CRC 1975350    F A X/Chevy II
CRC 1977305LG3U1452Monza
CRD 1972350tur hydro, A.I.R.L651652Camaro/Bel Air/Kingswd
CRD 1975350-   F A X/Chevelle/Monte
CRD 1977305LG3U1452Monza
CRE 1970350tur 350 3004A F X
CRF 1975350    B
CRF 1977305LG3U1452A
CRG 1972350man trans, A.I.RL651652Camaro
CRH 1970400  2652A
CRH 1978305LG3U1452G
CRJ 1975350m/t, 4 spdJ L481654Vette
CRK 1972350t/h A.I.R.L482004Nova
CRK 1975350tur 400J L481654Vette
CRL 1972350m/t, A.I.R.L482004Nova/Monte
CRL 1975350h/p, 4 spdT L822054Vette
CRL 1977305LG3U1452Starfire
CRM 1975350tur 400, h/pT L822054Vette
CRM 1977305LG3U1452Starfire
CRR 1975350    Camaro
CRS 1972350a/c, tur 400, A.I.R.LT12554Vette
CRS 1972350a/t, a/cL LT12554Vette
CRS 1975350    F B
CRS 1982267E2ME carb. exc CalJ-2Malibu
CRT 1970350solid camLT13604A
CRT 19723504 sp]d, A.I.R.L LT12554Vette
CRT 1972350LT1 2554Vette
CRT 1975350-  -F X
CRT 1976350- 1654Vette
CRT 1977305LG3U1452Starfire
CRU 1975350    A B F X
CRU 1978305LG3U1452G
CRW 1975350    full size
CRW 1978305LG3U1452G
CRX 1975350- 1554A B
CRX 1975350- 1452F X
CRX 1978305LG3U1452G
CRY 1975350    full size/Bel Air/Kingswd
CRY 1978305LG3U1452G
CRZ 1975350    F B X
CRZ 1978305LG3U1452G
CS 1958283m/t, 3sp, hi lift cam-290FIVette
CSA 1973400tur hydro trans.LE2 U1752B
CSA 1976400LT4U1754A/Bel Air/Kingswd
CSB 1973400tur hydro trans.LE2 U1752Caprice
CSB 1976400LT4U1754A
CSC 1973400t/h trans., CalifLE2 U1752Caprice
CSD 1973400t/h trans., CalifLE2 U1752Caprice
CSF 1976400LT4U LT41754A B
CSH 1972350tur hydro, pol/tax 1652A B/Bel Air/Kingswd
CSH 1975400LT4U LT41754A B
CSJ 1972350manual trans. 1652B/Bel Air/Kingswd
CSJ 1976400a/tLT41752B
CSK 1973400tur hydro trans.LE2 U1752B
CSL 1973400t/h, NB2LE2 U175-full size
CSM 1973400t/h trans., CalifLE2 U1752Caprice
CSM 1975400LT4U LT41754Sprint
CSR 1975400LT4U LT41754B
CSS 1975400LT4U LT41754B
CST 1975400LT4U LT41754B
CSU 1974400t350U LT41754Chevelle
CSU 1974400t4OO NB2U LT41752full size
CSW 1974400a/tU LT41752B
CSW 1974400t4OOU LT41752full size
CSW 1976400LT4U LT41754A B
CSX 1974400t350U LT41754A B/Kingswd
CSX 1976400LT4U LT41754A B
CT 1958283m/t, 3 spd 2458Vette
CTA 1972400tur hydramaticLE2 U1752B
CTA 1974400a/tU LT41752A B
CTA 1978305LG3U1452Monza
CTB 1970350high perf, 4 spdLT13504F X A
CTB 1972400man trans., A.I.R.  4Caprice
CTB 1974400t/h trns, pol/taxi 1752Caprice
CTB 1975400a/t 1754A
CTB 1978305LG3U1452Monza
CTC 1970350high perf, tur 400-3204A/Bel Air/Kingswd
CTC 1970350LT1-3604F X
CTC 1974400t/h trans., Calif-1754A B
CTC 1978305LG3U1452Monza
CTD 1974400tur hydro trans. 1754Caprice
CTD 1978305LG3U1452Monza/Bel Air/Kingswd
CTF 1978305LG3U1452Monza
CTH 1978305LG3U1452F X
CTJ 1974400tur hydro trans. 1754B/Bel Air/Kingswd
CTJ 1978305LG3U1452Nova
CTK 1972307tur hydramatic 1302A F X
CTK 1974400t/h, pol/taxi, Calif -4Caprice
CTK 1978305LG3U1452F X
CTL 19703504 spd trans. 3004Vette
CTL 1972350tur hydramaticL651652A F X
CTL 1975400LT4U1754B A
CTL 1978305LG3, a/tU1452B
CTM 1970350tur 400 3004Vette
CTM 1975400LT4U1754B
CTM 1978305LG3U1452G
CTN 1970350high perf, a/c, m/t-3504Vette
CTO 1970350h/p, a/c, m/t-3504Vette
CTP 1970350h/p, t/ign., m/t-3504Vette
CTQ 1970350h/p, t/ign, a/c, m/t-3504Vette
CTR 1970350spec hi perf, m/tLT13704Vette
CTR 1975400LT4U1754B A
CTR 1978305LG3U1452G
CTS 1975400LT4U1754B
CTU 1970350H.E.I., sp hiper, m/tLT13704Vette
CTU 1975400LT4U1754A B
CTV 1970350s h/p, m/t, t/ign.LT13704Vette
CTW 1975400LT4U1754B
CTW 1978305LG3U1452G
CTX 1975400LT4U1754A B
CTX 1978305LG3U1452G
CTY 1976400LT4U1754B
CTZ 1976400LT4U1754B
CU 1958283m/t, 3sp, hi lift cam-2708Vette
CUA 1975350m/t, 4 spdJ L481654Vette
CUA 1980305LG4H1554B
CUA 1988350L98, a/t8225TPIFirebird
CUB 19753504 spd trans.J L481654Vette
CUB 1977350LM1L1704B
CUB 1980305LG4H1554B
CUC 1977350LM1L1704B
CUC 1980305LG4H1554B
CUD 1975350h/p, 4 spdT L822054Vette
CUD 1977350LM1L1704B
CUD 1980305LG4H1554B


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