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Small Block Chevy Suffix Codes: DTR - HQ

GM body designation. All these are identified here. Quickly, A = Chevelle, F = Camaro, X = Nova. If you're looking at the engine code - this is already known. If you're looking at the casting # information and it mentions 3970010 "A/F/X/Y/B".... basically this means "it's used in everything", whereas if it simply states "Y"... this means Corvette.

RPO FY CID Appl VIN HP BBLS Body/Comments
DTR1979305a/tG LG31302F
DTS1979305a/tH LG41604G
DTU1979305a/tH LG41604G
DTX1979305a/tH LG41604G
DTY1979305auto trans.G LG31302full size
DTZ1979305auto trans.G LG31302full size
DUA1983305LU5, twin T.B.I7165TBIZ-28/T/A
DUB1979350auto trans.L LM11704full size
DUC1979350auto trans.L LM11704full size
DUD1979350auto trans.L LM11704police/high perf.
DUF1979350auto trans.L LM11704G
DUH1979350auto trans.L LM11704G
DUJ1979350auto trans.L LM11654G
DUK1983305LU5, twin T.B.I7165TBIFirebird
DUK1983305O.D. auto transH LG41604Parisien
DVA1983305O.D. auto transH LG41604Parisien
DWA1979305O.D. auto transH LG41604G
DWB1979305O.D. auto transH LG41604G
DWT1983305LU5, twin T.B.I7165TBIFirebird
DXA1979305autotrans.G LG31302full size
DZ1968302Z-28, late prodZ282904F
DZ1969302m/t, 4 spdZ282904F
E1957283manual trans.-1852Vette/truck
E 1960283turglide -1702B Y/truck
EA 1957283-- 8full size
EA 1965327manual trans.-250-A X
EB 1957283hi lift cam--8full size
EB 1958283turglide-2304truck/1271
EB 1965327high performance-300-Chevelle
EC 1957283turglide--FIB/truck
EC 1965327Special high perf.-3004Chevelle
EC 1966327A.I.R., glide-2754Chevelle/1200
ED 1958283turglide, air susp.---full size
ED 1965327transistor ign.---Chevelle
ED 1967327m/t, h.d. clutch-2754Chevelle
EE 1965327Powerglide 2504Chevelle
EE 1968327Powerglide 2754A X
EE 1969350Powerglide 255-El Cam
EF 1957283m/t, 3 spd 2204Vette
EF 1958283turglide, air susp. -4full size/1200
EF 1965327Powerglide, hi perf.-3004Chevelle
EG 19572652 4b,hi-lift cam,m/t-2708Vette
EG 1959283turglide, a/c---full size
EG 1960283turglide-1702truck/1100
EH 1957265twin 4 barrel, m/t-2458Vette
EH 1959283turg,air susp., a/c  --full size
E1968327manual trans. 2504El Cam
EI1968327Powerglide-2754El Cam
EJ1957283-- FIfull size
EJ1959283turglide, a/c--4full size
EJ1968327m/t, h.d. clutch-2754Chevelle/3200
EK1957283hi lift cam  FIfull size
EK1959283turg, air susp., a/c -4fullsize
EL1957283m/t, 3 sp, h/I cam 283FIVette
EM1957283m/t, 3 spd 250FIVette
EO1968327mlt, h.d. clutch 2754Chevelle
EP 1967327spec. hi perf., m/t 3254A X
EQ 1967327m/t, h.d. clutch 2754Chevelle/Camaro
ER 1967327s h/p, A.I.R. H.D.c 3254Chevelle
ES 1967327sp hi perf, H.D. clu 3254Chevelle
F1955265Powerglide -2car
F1957283Powerglide -2cars & Vette
FA1956265m/t 1552truck/3100
FA 1957283Powerglide, a/c --car
FA 1969327manual trans. 2352full size
FB 1955265Power Pack, glide 1554car & truck
FB 1969327Powerglide 2352full size
FC 1955265Powerglide, a/c --car
FC 1957283Powerglide -4car
FC 1969327tur hydro trans. 2352B F
FD 1955265glide, 2 exh a/c 1804car
FD 1957283Powerglide -8car
FE 1957283Powerglide, a/c 2204cars & truck
FE 1955265m/t 1452truck/3600
FEA 1955265m/t 1452truck/3600
FEA 1957265m/t 2458truck/1500
FEB 1955265m/t 1452truck/3800
FEB 1957283m/t 2708truck/1500
FEC 1957283m/t, O.D. 2202truck/1500
FEJ 1957283m/t 250FItruck/1500
FEK 1957283m/t 283FItruck/1500
FF 1955265a/t 1622truck/1500
FF 1957283Powerglide 1852truck/1500
FFA 1957283Powerglide 1852truck/1500
FFB 1955265a/t 1804truck/1500
FFB 1956265a/t 2054truck/1500
FFC 1955265a/t 1622truck/1500
FFC 1957283Powerglide 2204truck/1500
FFD 1955265a/t 1804truck/1500
FFD 1956265a/t 2054truck/1500
FFD 1957283Powerglide 2458truck/1500
FFE 1957283Powerglide 2204truck/1500
FFJ 1957283Powerglide 250FItruck/1500
FG 1955265Powerglide 1622cars
FG 1955265Powerglide 1954Vette
FG 1955265m/t 1622truck/1500
FG 1956265Powerglide 2254Vette
FG 1956265m/t 1622truck/1500
FG 1957283glide, 2 4b, a/t 2458Vette
FG 1957283turglide 1852truck/1500
FG 1969327    police/full size
FGC 1955265m/t, O.D. 1622truck/1500
FGC 1956265m/t, O.D. 2054truck/1500
FGC 1957283turglide 2204truck/1500
FGD 1955265m/t 1804truck/1500
FGD 1957283turglide 2454truck/1500
FGE 1955265m/t, O.D. 1804truck/1500
FGE 1956265m/t, O.D. 2054truck/1500/Camaro
FGF 1955265m/t 1622truck/1500
FGF 1957283turglide 250FItruck/1500
FGG 1955265m/t 1804truck/1500
FGJ 1955265m/t 1622truck/1500
FGJ 1956265m/t 1804truck/1500
FGK 1955265m/t 1622truck/1500-3800
FGL 1955265m/t 1804truck/1500-3800
FGL 1956265m/t 2054truck/1500 & 3200
FGM 1955265m/t 1804truck/1500
FGM 1956265m/t 2054truck/1500
FH 1957283Powerglide 2204Vette
FH 1969327tur hydro trans. 2352B F
FJ 1957283Powerglide, a/t 250FIcars & Vette
FJ 1969327m/t 2102B F Vette
FK 1957265Powerglide -FIVette
FK 1969327Powerglide 2102full size
FL 1969327tur 350 2102full size
FLA 1957265m/t 1622truck/3100/police
FLB 1957265H. D. m/t 1622truck/3100
FM 1956265m/t 1552truck/3100
FMA 1956265m/t 1552truck/3600
FMB 1956265m/t 1552truck/3800
FY 1969327m/t, taxi --full size
FZ 1969327Powerglide, taxi - full size
G 1955265man trans, 3 spd --cars
G 1957283turglide -2full size
GA 19652833 spd trans. std 1952full size
GB 1969327tur 400, taxi 1952full size
GC 1955265overdrive -- 
GC 1965283m/t, 4 sp, H. D. chass 1952full size
GD 1957283turglide -8car
GE 1956265o/d, Power Pack 205-car
GE 1969350Powerglide --full size
GF 1955265m/t, 3 spd, a/c -- 
GF 1957283turglide  FIcar
GF 1965283Powerglide 1952full size
GJ 1955265H.D. clutch -- 
GK 1955265H.D. clutch, a/c --car
GK 1965283a/c 1954full size
GL 1955265Power Pack, m/t -4car
GL 1965283glide -4full size
GM 1955265Pwr Pack, a/c, m/t -4car
GN 1955265Pwr Pack, o/d, a/c -4car
GO 1967283glide, A.I.R. 1952full size/Camaro
GQ 1955265o/d, a/c --car
GR 1955265m/t, 3 spd 1954Vette
GR 1956265m/t, 3 spd 2258Vette
GS 19662834 spd, air cond. 1952full size/Camaro
GT 1966283A.I.R., glide 1952full size
GU 1967283m/t, H.D. clutch 2408cars/Vette/Camaro
GV 1956265Powerglide 2104Vette
GW 1966283- -4full size
GX 1966283A.I.R.  4full size/Camaro
GZ 1966283A.I.R., glide--4full size
HA 19653274 spd tran. std 2754full size/Camaro
HA 1969350manual trans 3004A F X
HB 1965327std trans., hi perf. 3004full size
HB 1967327A.I.R. 2754full size/Camaro
HB 1968327H.D. clutch 2754full size
HB 1969350tur hydro trans. 3004A F X
HC 1965327Powerglide 2754full size
HC 1969350m/t 2502A F X
HD 1965327Powerglide, h/p --full size
HD 1966327a/c, spec high perf. 3504Vette
HD 1969350tur hydro trans. 2502A F X
HE 1965327m/t 3004Vette
HE 1969350Powerglide 3004A F X
HF 1965327h/p 3004Vette
HF 1966327Powerglide, A.I.R. 2754full size
HF 1969350Powerglide 2752A F X
HF 1978350LM1 1704Firebird
HG 1965327fuel inject, m/t 375FIVette
HG 1968327Powerglide 2502full size
HG 1969350manual trans. 3004full size
HH 1965327s h/p, m/t 3654Vette
HH 1966327air inj. reactor 3004Vette
HH 1969350tur 400 3004full size
HI 1965327a/c, m/t 2504Vette
HI 1968327m/t 2504full size
HI 1969350- 2502full size/Phoenix
HJ 1965327h/p, a/c, m/t 3004Vette
HJ 1968327Powerglide 2504full size
HJ 1969327tur 400 2502full size
HJ 1969350tur 400 2502full size
HJ 1978350LM1 1704Firebird
HK 1965327s h/p, a/c, m/t 3654Vette
HK 1968327Powerglide 2504full size
HK 1969350Powerglide 3004full size
HL 1965327trans ign, m/t 3654Vette
HL 1968327m/t, H.D. clutch 2504full size
HL 1969350Powerglide 2502full size
HL 1978350LM1 1704Firebird
HM 1965327a/c, trans ign, m/t 3654Vette/Chevy II
HM 1968327tur hydramatic 2504full size
HM 1969350a/t 2502full size/Chevy II
HN 1965327t/ign., m/t 375FIVette
HN 1968327Pwrglide, reg gas -4full size/Chevy II
HN 1969327tur 350 --full size
HN 1969350tur hydramatic 3004full size
HO 1965327Powerglide 3004Vette
HO 1969350- 3004B
HP 1965327Powerglide, h/p 3004Vette
HP 1969350m/t 3004A B F X
HQ 1965327Powerglide, a/c 2504Vette
HQ 1969350manual trans. 3004A F X


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