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Big Block Chevy Suffix Codes: 0FC - 9XZ

GM body designation. All these are identified here. Quickly, A = Chevelle, F = Camaro, X = Nova. If you're looking at the engine code - this is already known. If you're looking at the casting # information and it mentions 3970010 "A/F/X/Y/B".... basically this means "it's used in everything", whereas if it simply states "Y"... this means Corvette.

Abbreviations: AB = Air Brakes, AR = Air Injector Reactor, CA = California, HD = Heavy Duty, hdc = heavy duty clutch, HP = High Performance, LP = Liquid Propane Gas, PG = Powerglide, mt = manual trans, mt-3, 3 speed manual, SHP = Special High Performance, TH = Turbo Hydramatic, ti = transistor ignition.
Induction is one (1) 4 barrel carburetor unless specified. In/Out = Inboard/Outboard application.

Code Year Model CID HP Application
0FC1990Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
0FD1990Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
0FF1990Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt In/Out
0FH1990Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
0FJ1990Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt In/Out
0XA1990Marine454370L-19 4 bolt In/Out
0XC 1980Marine454225LE-8
0XC1990Marine454370L-19 4 bolt In/Out
0XD1990Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Industrial
0XF1990Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Inboard
0XG1990Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
0XH1990Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
0XJ1990Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Industrial
0XK1990Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
0XN1990Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
0XR1990Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
0XS1990Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
0XT1990Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Industrial
0XU1990Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Industrial
0XW1990Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Industrial
0XY 1980Marine454225LE-8
0XY 1990Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
0XZ 1980Marine454225LE-8
0XZ 1990Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
0ZA 1980Marine427220L-43
0ZB 1980Marine427220L-43
1FC 1991Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
1FD 1991Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
1FF 1991Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt In/Out
1FH 1991Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
1FJ 1991Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt In/Out
1XA 1991Marine454370L-19 4 bolt In/Out
1XB 1981Marine454210LE-8
1XC 1981Marine454210LE-8
1XC 1991Marine454370L-19 4 bolt In/Out
1XD 1991Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Industrial
1XF 1981Marine454210LE-8
1XF 1991Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Inboard
1XG 1991Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
1XH 1981Marine454210LE-8
1XH 1991Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
1XJ 1981Marine454210LE-8
1XJ 1991Marine454280L-19 4 bolt Industrial
1XK 1981Marine454210LE-8
1XK 1991Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
1XN 1981Marine454210LE-8
1XN1991Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
1XR1991Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
1XS1991Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
1XT1991Marine454310L-19 4 bolt/Industrial
1XU1991Marine454310L-19 4 bolt/Industrial
1XW 1991Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
1XY 1981Marine454210LE-8
1XY 1991Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
1XZ 1981Marine454210LE-8
1XZ 1991Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
1ZA 1981Marine427220L-43
1ZB 1981Marine427220L-43
2FC 1992Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
2FD 1992Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
2FF 1992Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt In/Out
2FH 1992Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
2FJ 1992Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt In/Out
2XA 1992Marine454370L-19 4 bolt In/Out
2XB 1982Marine454210LE-8
2XC 1982Marine454210LE-8
2XC 1992Marine454370L-19 4 bolt In/Out
2XD 1992Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Industrial
2XF 1982Marine454210LE-8
2XF 1992Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Inboard
2XG 1992Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
2XH 1982Marine454210LE-8
2XH 1992Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
2XJ 1982Marine454210LE-8
2XJ 1992Marine454280L-19 4 bolt Industrial
2XK 1982Marine454210LE-8
2XK 1992Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
2XN 1982Marine454210LE-8
2XN 1992Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
2XR 1982Marine454210LE-8
2XR 1992Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
2XS 1982Marine454210LE-8
2XS 1992Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
2XT 1982Marine454210LE-8
2XT 1992Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Industrial
2XU 1992Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Industrial
2XW 1992Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
2XY 1982Marine454210LE-8
2XY 1992Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
2XZ 1982Marine454210LE-8
2XZ 1992Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
2ZA 1982Marine427220L-43
2ZB 1982Marine427220L-43
2ZC 1982Marine427220L-43
3FC 1993Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
3FD 1993Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
3FF 1993Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt In/Out
3FH 1993Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
3FJ 1993Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt In/Out
3HC 1993Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Jet Drive
3HD 1993Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
3HH 1993Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
3HJ 1993Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt In/Out
3UA 1993Marine454370L-19 4 bolt In/Out
3UB 1993Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
3UF 1993Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Inboard
3UH 1993Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
3XA 1993Marine454370L-19 4 bolt In/Out
3XB 1983Marine454230LE-8
3XC 1983Marine454230LE-8
3XC 1993Marine454370L-19 4 bolt In/Out
3XD 1983Marine454230LE-8
3XF 1983Marine454230LE-8
3XF 1993Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Inboard
3XH 1983Marine454230LE-8
3XH 1993Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
3XJ 1983Marine454230LE-8
3XK 1983Marine454230LE-8
3XK 1993Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
3XN 1983Marine454230LE-8
3XN 1993Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
3XR 1983Marine454230LE-8
3XR 1993Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
3XS 1983Marine454230LE-8
3XS 1993Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
3XT 1983Marine454230LE-8
3XW 1993Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
3XX 1993Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
3XY 1983Marine454230LE-8
3XY 1993Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
3XZ 1983Marine454230LE-8
3YD 1993Marine454280L-19 4 bolt Industrial
3YJ 1993Marine454280L-19 4 bolt Industrial
3YT 1993Marine454280L-19 4 bolt Industrial
3YU 1993Marine454280L-19 4 bolt Industrial
3YZ 1993Marine454280L-19 4 bolt Industrial
4FC 1994Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
4FD 1994Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
4FF 1994Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt In/Out
4FH 1994Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
4FJ 1994Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt In/Out
4HC 1994Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Jet Drive
4HD 1994Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
4HH 1994Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt Inboard
4HJ 1994Marine502380LX-2 4 bolt In/Out
4T 1968Chevelle396325Man Trans
4U 1968Chevelle396350Man Trans
4UA 1994Marine454370L-19 4 bolt In/Out
4UB 1994Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
4UF 1994Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Inboard
4UH 1994Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
4W 1968Chevelle396350Auto Trans
4XA 1994Marine454370L-19 4 bolt In/Out
4XB 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XC 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XC 1994Marine454370L-19 4 bolt In/Out
4XD 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XF 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XF 1994Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Inboard
4XH 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XH 1994Marine454370L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
4XJ 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XK 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XK 1994Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
4XL 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XM 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XN 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XN 1994Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
4XR 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XR 1994Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
4XS 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XS 1994Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
4XT 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XU 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XW 1994Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
4XX 1994Marine454310L-19 4 bolt In/Out
4XY 1984Marine454230LE-8
4XY 1994Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
4XZ 1984Marine454230LE-8
4YD 1994Marine454280L-19 4 bolt
4YJ 1994Marine454280L-19 4 bolt
4YT 1994Marine454280L-19 4 bolt
4YU 1994Marine454280L-19 4 bolt Industrial
4YZ 1994Marine454280L-19 4 bolt Industrial
5XB 1975Marine454215LS-4
5XB 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XC 1975Marine454215LS-4
5XC 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XD 1975Marine454215LS-4
5XD 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XF 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XH 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XI 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XK 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XM 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XN 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XR 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XS 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XT 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XU 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XY 1985Marine454240LE-8
5XZ 1985Marine454240LE-8
6HF 1986Marine454240LE-8
6HH 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XB 1976Marine454215LS-4
6XB 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XC 1976Marine454215LS-4
6XC 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XD 1976Marine454215LS-4
6XD 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XF 1976Marine454215LS-4
6XF 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XH 1976Marine454215LS-4
6XH 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XJ 1976Marine454215LS-4
6XJ 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XK 1976Marine454215LS-4
6XK 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XL 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XM 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XN 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XR 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XS 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XT 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XU 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XY 1986Marine454240LE-8
6XZ 1986Marine454240LE-8
7XA 1987Marine454240LE-8
7XB 1977Marine454250LF-8
7XC 1977Marine454250LF-8
7XD 1987Marine454240LE-8
7XF 1977Marine454250LF-8
7XF 1987Marine454240LE-8 4 bolt
7XH 1977Marine454250LF-8
7XH 1987Marine454240LE-8 4 bolt Jet Drive
7XJ 1977Marine454250LF-8
7XJ 1987Marine454240LE-8
7XK 1977Marine454250LF-8
7XK 1987Marine454240LE-8 2 bolt Jet Drive
7XL 1987Marine454240LE-8
7XM 1977Marine454250LF-8
7XN 1977Marine454250LF-8
7XN 1987Marine454240LE-8 2 bolt Inboard
7XP 1987Marine454240LE-8 4 bolt Inboard
7XR 1977Marine454250LF-8
7XR 1987Marine454240LE-8 2 bolt Inboard
7XS 1977Marine454250LF-8
7XS 1987Marine454240LE-8 2 bolt In/Out
7XT 1977Marine454250LF-8
7XT 1987Marine454240LE-8
7XU 1987Marine454240LE-8
7XX 1987Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
7XY 1987Marine454240LE-8 2 bolt Inboard
7XZ 1987Marine454240LE-8 2 bolt Inboard
8FA 1988Marine502380LX-2
8FB 1988Marine502380LX-2
8FC 1988Marine502380LX-2
8XA 1988Marine454310L-19
8XB 1978Marine454250LF-8
8XC 1978Marine454250LF-8
8XD 1988Marine454310L-19
8XF 1978Marine454250LF-8
8XF 1988Marine454310L-19 4 bolt
8XH 1978Marine454250LF-8
8XH 1988Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
8XJ 1978Marine454250LF-8
8XJ 1988Marine454310L-19
8XK 1978Marine454250LF-8
8XK 1988Marine454310L-19 2 bolt Industrial
8XL 1988Marine454310L-19
8XM 1978Marine454250LF-8
8XN 1978Marine454250LF-8
8XN 1988Marine454310L-19 2 bolt Inboard
8XP 1988Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
8XR 1978Marine454250LF-8
8XR 1988Marine454310L-19 2 bolt Inboard
8XS 1978Marine454250LF-8
8XS 1988Marine454310L-19 2 bolt In/Out
8XT 1978Marine454250LF-8
8XT 1988Marine454310L-19
8XU 1988Marine454310L-19
8XX 1988Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
8XY 1988Marine454310L-19 2 bolt Inboard
8XZ 1988Marine454310L-19 2 bolt Inboard
8ZA 1979Marine427220L-43
9FA 1989Marine502380LX-2
9FB 1989Marine502380LX-2
9FC 1989Marine502310LX-2
9XA 1989Marine454310L-19
9XB 1979Marine454245LF-8
9XC 1979Marine454245LF-8
9XD 1989Marine454310L-19
9XF 1979Marine454245LF-8
9XF 1989Marine454310L-19 4 bolt
9XH 1979Marine454245LF-8
9XH 1989Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Jet Drive
9XJ 1979Marine454245LF-8
9XJ 1989Marine454310L-19
9XK 1979Marine454245LF-8
9XK 1989Marine454310L-19 2 bolt Jet Drive
9XL 1989Marine454310L-19
9XM 1979Marine454245LF-8
9XN 1979Marine454245LF-8
9XN 1989Marine454310L-19 2 bolt Inboard
9XP 1989Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
9XR 1979Marine454245LF-8
9XR 1989Marine454310L-19 2 bolt Inboard
9XS 1979Marine454245LF-8
9XS 1989Marine454310L-19 2 bolt In/Out
9XT 1979Marine454245LF-8
9XT 1989Marine454310L-19
9XU 1989Marine454310L-19
9XX 1989Marine454310L-19 4 bolt Inboard
9XY 1989Marine454310L-19 2 bolt Inboard
9XZ 1989Marine454310L-19 2 bolt Inboard


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