James Bond

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From left: Luciana Paluzzi, Martine Beswick, Sean Connery, Claudine Auger, and Molly Peters.

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Largo and his men transporting the atomic bombs back to the Disco Volante.

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The Disco Volante in the Bahamas after separation from the main burning yacht.

Thunderball (1965)

In the pre-title sequence, James Bond attends the funeral of Colonel Jacques Bouvar, a SPECTRE operative (Number 6), who had murdered two British spies.[6] Bouvar is actually disguised as his widow but identified by Bond. Following him to a chteau, Bond kills him and then escapes flying a jetpack to his Aston Martin DB5 parked outside.

Bond is sent by M to a health clinic to improve his health. While massaged by physiotherapist Patricia Fearing, he notices Count Lippe, a suspicious man with a criminal tattoo (from a Tong). He searches Lippe's room, but is seen leaving it by Lippe's clinic neighbor who is bandaged because of plastic surgery. Later, Lippe tries to murder Bond with a spinal traction machine but the attempt is foiled by Fearing. Bond soon finds a dead bandaged man, and survives a second murder attempt. The dead man is Franois Derval, a French NATO pilot deployed to fly an Avro Vulcan jet bomber loaded with two nuclear bombs for a training session.

He is replaced by SPECTRE's surgically altered henchman named Angelo who gasses the crew during the training and sinks the plane near the Bahamas. He is killed underwater by Emilio Largo (SPECTRE No. 2), however, for considering himself underpaid, and following this Largo and his henchmen steal the atomic bombs on the seabed. The theft summons Bond and all other double-0 agents to Whitehall. En route, Lippe chases Bond but is killed by an assassin, Fiona Volpe, for failing to foresee Angelo's greed.

At the meeting, Bond recognizes Derval as the cadaver he encountered in the health clinic from a photograph. Since Derval's sister, Domino, is in Nassau, Bond asks M to send him to the Bahamas. Domino turns out to be Largo's mistress. Bond exploits the connection to approach Largo after meeting Domino while scuba diving. Bond and Largo immediately recognize each other as enemies but play a mutual psychological cat-and-mouse game to draw each other out. Bond's assistant Paula is eventually abducted by Largo for questioning; she kills herself just before Bond can rescue her.

At a Junkanoo celebration in Nassau, Volpe tries to kill Bond but is shot by her own bodyguard. Soon, Bond and CIA case officer Felix Leiter search for the Vulcan by helicopter, eventually finding it underwater, along with the crew corpses and Angelo the counterfeit NATO observer pilot. Afterwards, Bond tells Domino that Largo killed her brother, pleading for her help in finding the nuclear bombs. She tells Bond where and how to replace a SPECTRE agent on a mission with Largo, who is retrieving the bombs from a submarine hiding place. Disguised as Largo's henchman, Bond uncovers his plan to detonate the bombs in Miami Beach.

En route to the cave where the bombs will be temporarily stored, Bond's cover is blown by Largo. After an underwater battle with Largo's men, Bond is rescued by Leiter who orders a unit of United States Coast Guard sailors to parachute to the area for underwater battle against SPECTRE frogmen. Bond joins the fray, killing several SPECTRE frogmen with high tech submarine weapons, and his knife and hands. The surviving henchmen surrender.

Finally, Largo escapes to his ship, the Disco Volante (Italian: Flying Saucer), which still has one bomb aboard; Bond follows him and sneaks aboard. During a hand-to-hand fight, Largo gains the upper hand and is about to shoot Bond, however, Domino shoots a spear into Largo's back. With the dying Largo death-locked to the uncontrolled yacht's wheel, Bond and Domino jump overboard as it runs aground and explodes. A sky hook-equipped U.S. Navy airplane rescues Bond and Domino from the sea.


  • Sean Connery as James Bond (007): An MI6 agent assigned to retrieve two stolen nuclear weapons.
  • Adolfo Celi as Emilio Largo (voice dubbed by Robert Rietty)[7]: SPECTRE's Number Two, he creates a scheme to steal two nuclear warheads.
  • Claudine Auger as Dominique 'Domino' Derval (voice dubbed by Nikki van der Zyl)[8]: Largo's mistress. In early drafts of the screenplay Domino's name was Dominetta Palazzi. When Claudine Auger was cast as Domino the name was changed to Derval to reflect her nationality.[9]
  • Earl Cameron as Pinder, Bond and Felix Leiter's assistant in The Bahamas.
  • Luciana Paluzzi as Fiona Volpe: SPECTRE agent, who becomes Franois Derval's mistress and kills Count Lippe before being sent to Nassau.
  • Paul Stassino as Franois Derval and Angelo Palazzi: a NATO pilot, who is also Domino's brother. He is killed by SPECTRE agent Angelo Palazzi who impersonates him.
  • Rik Van Nutter as Felix Leiter: CIA agent who helps Bond.
  • Guy Doleman as Count Lippe: SPECTRE agent that tries to kill Bond in the health clinic.
  • Molly Peters as Patricia Fearing: a physiotherapist at the clinic Bond is sent to.[10]
  • Martine Beswick as Paula Caplan: Bond's ally in Nassau.
  • Bernard Lee as M: The strict head of MI6.
  • Desmond Llewelyn as Q: MI6's "quartermaster" who supplies Bond with multi-purpose vehicles and gadgets useful for the latter's missions.
  • Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny: M's secretary.
  • Philip Locke as Vargas: Largo's personal assistant and henchman who according to Largo abstains from alcohol, smoking and sexual intercourse emphasising his devotion as a killer. He is killed by Bond with a speargun on the beach.
  • Anthony Dawson as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, voiced by Eric Pohlmann (both uncredited): The head of SPECTRE.

Directed by Terence Young Produced by Kevin McClory Novel/Story by Ian Fleming, Kevin McClory, Jack Whittingham Screenplay Richard Maibaum, John Hopkins Cinematography by Ted Moore Music by John Barry Main theme Thunderball Composer John Barry Don Black Performer Tom Jones Editing by Peter R. Hunt Distributed by United Artists Released 21 December 1965 (USA) 29 December 1965 (UK) Running time 130 min.



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