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If you would like to see your rod featured E-mail me an image and some brief details, or post the photo to me and I'll scan it for you.

Please note to combat the spammers every email address show is preceded by a "Z". This won't stop any email crawlers, but it won't give them your real address either. For the correct address, just remove the "Z" from the front of the email address.

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Lisa & Anthony Selva, Shepparton, Victoria - I only have a couple of photo's taken the day we looked at the car. As far as we know there is only 2 1941 coupes in Australia. This one was originally imported from Texas. We have friends who have been involved in rodding for many years and this Easter we travelled to Narrandera with them. Well we had a blast. The week after we got home we saw the coupe advertised and loved it. You could say we have been bitten with the rodding bug. My husband Anthony has always been into drag racing. He was actually the Australian Modified Champion a few years back. But this will be a bit more social and relaxing. Can't wait to go on some rod runs. If we had bought the coupe a week earlier, we would have come on the 2 Bay Run. By the way we have lost one of our hubcaps, can anyone help with a replacement.-

Dale Peucker, Ocean Grove Victoria - Its got a 400 chev, 4 speed toploader, 9" diff, 4 bar I beam front axle,4 bar coil over shocks 4 bar rear and a set of convo pro's.Its an all steel body.(It was originally built buy Glen Chidgey 6 years ago.) I plan to do a make over of the pickup next year after I have a bit of fun over the coming summer by going to some rod events.-

Hi Greg, great site. I'm Cameron Nicoll from Mackay Qld. I hope you like the pic of my 28 roadster pickup , powered by 302W ,C4 & BW centura diff. I'm a member of Mackay Rod & Custom club Inc. I love hotrods and rock & roll, great site cheers. -

Greg, I am reallt interested in all your "odd Aussie body styles" you have there. To me, they are odd, to you, they were normal. I am sending a couple more pictures of my '40. Also, I would feel privilidged to have my 40's pictures over there.
See more of Richard's car here!

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