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American Icon : The Hot Rod

‘American Icon- The Hot Rod' takes an in-depth look at the history of the hot rod, a uniquely American automotive creation. This fascinating series documents the birth of this Southern Californian craze, which saw thousands of young men return from the Second World War and take to the streets to apply the mechanical skills they had learnt in the military, and adapt them to their home-built cars. The origin of the Hot rod is explored through the history of the 1908 Ford Model T and the seminal 1932 Ford V-8, whilst the series also highlights how this cultural phenomenon spurred the creation of Hot Rod magazine in 1948, which became an iconic magazine for American culture.


Episode 1 In the Beginning (part 1) Prewar Street and Dry Lakes Racing
Episode 2 In the Beginning (part 2) Postwar Racing and So-Cal Speed Shop
Episode 3 The Appleseeds: Hot Rod Magazine - Wally Parks and the NHRA
Episode 4 Quarter Mile to Glory: Drag Racing in the 1950s
Episode 5 To 400 MPH and Beyond: Bonneville in the 1950s
Episode 6 Arsenal of Speed:The Growth of the Speed Equipment Industry
Episode 7 Making the Scene: Hot Rod Culture and the Rise of Customizing
Episode 8 Through a Windshield Darkly: Innovation in the 1960s
Episode 9 A Link to the Past: Restoration and Preservation
Episode 10 Barn-Find Belly Tank: Rebirth of So-Cal Speed Shop
Episode 11 Art with a New Frame: Street Rods
Episode 12 The Next Wave: The New Generation of Hot Rodders
Episode 13 Ou Allons Nous: Hot-Rodding Now and Tomorrow