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How to Build a Muscle Car
Step by Step
  » Plan
  » Budget
  » Find Your Car
  » Catalog your parts
  » Stripping
  » Paint
  » The Engine
  » Suspension and Brakes
  » Wheels and Tyres
  » Detail


Wrecks to Riches

How to Build a Muscle Car - Budget

It’s a good idea once you have a hard copy of your rendering to figure out how much you are willing to spend on your muscle car. Research prices for the parts that you are most interested in and do a rough estimate on all of them together so you have an idea of what you are going to spend during your build. If you choose to have a professional shop do the building for you, make sure you get an estimate from them that includes their hourly rate and the cost of parts. Set your budget a little higher (say, 10 percent) than the estimate, to cover miscellaneous expenses like shipping. Remember to add paint, bodywork, media and/or soda blasting into your budget as well.

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