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How to Build a Muscle Car
Step by Step
  » Plan
  » Budget
  » Find Your Car
  » Catalog your parts
  » Stripping
  » Paint
  » The Engine
  » Suspension and Brakes
  » Wheels and Tyres
  » Detail


Wrecks to Riches

How to Build a Muscle Car - Find Your Car

Once you have a budget, your next step is to find a good-bodied car to begin your project with. The less rust, bondo, holes, warps, and filler there is, the more your pocketbook will thank you later. It’s also important to research the vehicle you are looking to purchase, because there might be a reason it’s a “steal.” Make sure the VIN is an actual car! You can learn the correct make, model and year, as well as where the car was made and what color and engine it had originally by checking the VIN. You should also make sure the frame and body are straight, and find out if there were ever any replacement parts such as fenders and quarter panels put on the car.

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