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"To construct a web page isn't technically difficult, virtually anyone with some basic PC skills and a little bit of software can do it.
But to develop a web site, with a cohesive user friendly feel and a consistent corporate look that is easy to navigate and optomised for use on the internet, requires a professional."

Here's some more information about making your website work for you:

Domain Names Pricing

A quick search of the internet will list a number of sites providing web site hosting. With some that seem incredibly cheap. But just as with anything else, you get what you pay for and it's usually only when something goes wrong that you find that out.

We only use and recommend 2 Domain Name Registrars, one based here in Australia and one in the US. We have been using them for a number of years and have built a good relationship with them. We are also able to offer domain names from these companies cheaper than what you can buy your self. More importantly they are reliable, accessable and secure.

The Australian Registrar is definately more expensive and is offered for those clients wanting to use an Australian Company.
Australian Registrar

The US based Registrar is much cheaper, but still offers the same qualities.
US Registrar

The choice is yours.

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