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"To construct a web page isn't technically difficult, virtually anyone with some basic PC skills and a little bit of software can do it.
But to develop a web site, with a cohesive user friendly feel and a consistent corporate look that is easy to navigate and optomised for use on the internet, requires a professional."

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Link Submissions

Perfect for
– Newly launched websites
– Businesses who want to build their rank over time
– Businesses who want a cost-effective way to increase their exposure

Submit your website
Launching a website is no guarantee of getting traffic. Link Submissions can help you get your website visible in search engines by providing quality links in directories.
Our team research the best websites choosing search engines and directories that are trusted, have high traffic, and have a diverse range of users. Our service can accelerate your website being listed with major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and NineMSN.
   – Guaranteed submission to major search engines
   – Covers the most popular search engines
   – Be found for your brand, product, or business name
   – Targeted to your business
All of the above, and much more

Frequently Asked Questions
    Onlne Marketing Comparison
    What is the point of link submissions?
    Why do I need to outsource my link submissions?
    Who needs link submissions?

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Online Marketing Comparison

  Links High5 Links High10
Google available available
Yahoo! available available
NineMSN available available
Search Zone available available
Number of Directories 1 6
Annual Price $49.00 $75.00

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What is the point of link submissions?

It is through inclusion on search engines that you can provide your website with a chance to be visually captured and visited by potential customers.

Search engines such as Google Australia, Yahoo! and NineMSN factor linking heavily into their respective ranking algorithms. Therefore, you need to have relevant, high quality websites linking to yours.

Why do I need to outsource my link submissions?

Our link submission packages come with a seal of quality since all submissions are made manually by a trained Search Engine Optimisation specialist. We do not use any scripts or automated tools to facilitate the process in any way.

Manual submissions are made so that the specialists can take the required time to check all the significant details about your website as well as your business before carefully submitting your URL to each engine individually.

Our manual submission of your website ensures that we submit variations of your business description so that the search engines do not see each entry in different directories as the same and potentially suspect the use of automated scripts.

The directories and search engines that are selected during this process are researched by our trained link building specialists who specifically find and select these potential repositories based on factors which include high search volumes, diversity of their users or even the extensive reach of the site. The directories that we submit business sites to have been placed under scrutiny and are hand-picked so that we can cater for a wide range of websites that are a part of any niche industry.

Who needs link submissions?

Our link submission products are useful for any business or individual that owns a running website and would like to take the initial step towards having their website visited and indexed by search engines.

If your site is newly launched, links can help your site to get indexed faster by the major search engines as well as provide you with alternative sources of traffic and referrals.

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