CANNONBALL Episode 1.02

13Oct58 CBC Monday - original Canadian airdate (CBC rerun - 20Jul59)
Produced by Rudy E. Abel
Directed by Lesley Selander
Paul Birch (Mike Malone) William Campbell (Jerry Austin)
Synopsis 1:
Mike and Jerry are driving a load of high explosives when a tire blows
and their truck lands in a ditch. While Mike goes for help, Jerry tries
to change the tire and is pinned beneath the truck.
Synopsis 2:
While traveling on a dangerous mountain road with a truckload of
nitroglycerine, Mike swerves to avoid a doe and crashes into a boulder.
Synopsis 3:
Traveling with a truckload of nitroglycerine Mike swerves to avoid
a dog and crashes into a boulder.
(US syndication: 09Feb61 Ch.2 South Ohio, Sat 6:00pm)