CANNONBALL Episode 1.10

08Dec58 CBC Monday - original Canadian airdate
Executive Producer Robert Maxwell (The Viewer)
Produced by Rudy E. Abel (The Viewer)
Written by Bernard Girard
Directed by Les Goodwins
Starring: Paul Birch (Mike Malone) William Campbell (Jerry Austin)
Synopsis 1:
The truckers are asked to help capture an unlicensed chemist.
Synopsis 2:
The Canadian Mounted Police and the FBI urge the "C and A" drivers to be on the lookout for a gang that has been selling deadly stay-awake pills to truckers. Mike and Jerry stop at a few roadside diners and ask about the pills and at one spot they buy a bottle - afterwards turning them over to the authorities. Then comes trouble for the two drivers in the shape of two desperate men who will stop at nothing to retrieve the pills.
(UK syndication: 03Feb62 ITV Tyne-Tees, Sat 7:15 pm)