CANNONBALL Episode 1.05

03Nov58 CBC Monday - original Canadian airdate (CBC rerun - 03Aug59)
Produced by Rudy E. Abel
Directed by Lesley Selander
Paul Birch (Mike Malone) William Campbell (Jerry Austin)
Synopsis 1:
A truck driver blames Mike for the loss of his job and plants a home-made bomb in Mike and Jerry's truck.
Synopsis 2:
Frank Peters, a "C & A" driver, whose son died recently, has been deserted by his wife and dismissed by his employers. For some reason he blames Mike"Cannonball" Malone for all his misfortunes and vows to kill Mike, but Mike's son Butch intervenes.
Synopsis 3:
A former trucker on the C. & A. line blames Mike Malone for his dismissal.
(US syndication: 20Feb60 ABC Sat WCPO-TV Cincinnati 6:30pm ET)