CANNONBALL Episode 1.35

15Jun59 CBC Monday - original Canadian airdate
Produced by Wm. J. O'Sullivan (on copyright notice)
Directed by Lesley Selander
Paul Birch (Mike Malone) William Campbell (Jerry Austin)
Beth Lockerbie (Mary), Beth Morris (Ginny), Steve Barringer (Butch)
Guest Cast:
George McGowan ........ Frank
(future director of numerous television series)
Martin Andrews ........ Harry
Robert D'Ancona ....... Jack
Les Rubie ............ Pete

Synopsis 1:
Mike is an eyewitness to a murder. When the killers learn that
Mike can identify them, they plans to do away with him. [BH]
Synopsis 2:
Mike and Jerry come across a murder and become the top two on the
"execution list" of the gangsters when reporters splash the story
across America.
(UK syndication: 28Feb60 ITV Tyne-Tees, Sun 7:30 pm)