The OCC fabricators and mechanics such as Paul Teutul, Jr., Rick Petko, Nick Hansford, Christian Welter, and former employees Vincent DiMartino, also known as Vinnie, (who left OCC to start V-Force Customs in 2007) and Cody Connelly (a BOCES student intern who has joined DiMartino's business), to create dozens of custom motorbikes. Paul Sr. supervises the builds and has built motorcycles himself. Michael Teutul, commonly referred to as Mikey, serves as the shop's custodian and webmaster, and provides comic relief to the show. He has been seen doing metal work occasionally, as one of his early jobs was working at Orange County Ironworks. Also featured occasionally is Danny Teutul, the eldest child, who succeeded Paul Sr. as owner of Orange County Ironworks. Danny drops by to do contracted jobs for the OCC facilities.

Firing of Paul Jr

In the season 6 opening episode, Paul Sr and Paul Jr had an explosive disagreement over Paul Jr's contract and Paul Jr was subsequently terminated from employment at OCC. In a later episode, Sr and Jr appeared to work out their differences but Jr's return to work at OCC caused more problems between the two. Later Paul Jr decided that returning back to OCC was a mistake and has left to pursue his own ideas, however he and his father have both expressed interest in Paul Jr. remaining involved with OCC into the future.

In recent episodes, Paul Jr has been working for OCC as a consultant, who comes in when Paul Sr is out of the shop, and when a build needs extra man power.

In addition, Paul Jr is currently helping his girlfriend open and establish a boutique in Montgomery, New York, and has expressed his ultimate ambition is to own his own design firm.