OCC was in the business of building custom motorcycles for individuals before it gained fame building themed projects or was featured on television. OCC has returned to that business while incorporating some of the designs that made them famous. The Web production bike is inspired by the Black Widow theme bike and other bikes which have incorporated spider webs into the design. The Greeny is an old-school style chopper designed by Paul Senior. The OCC Original includes many of the design elements that have made OCC famous including the heavy frame, wide back tire and wide rake on the front forks. The splitback features a unique split gas tank originally conceived from theme bikes on the show. A T-Rex Softail and a T-Rex Rigit were also available in the production series in the past.

Paul Senior's love of the style led him to create a number of Old School style choppers including 10-Up old School, Greeny, Maroon and Gold, Orange Bobber, The Blue Bomber, Little Red, Old School Vette, Orange Knucklehead, Pitchfork, Triumph Flames and Sunshine. The Greeny model is available for purchase from the production series.

In recognition of the shows growing fanbase, a contest was held to select fans which would receive custom built bikes. Winners were visited by the designers and asked to describe their dream bike. Winners include Jeff Clegg's Corporal Punishment, Susan Morisset's Female Snake Bike, Joseph McClendon's Custom Hog, and Bryan King's Vertebrae Trike.

OCC also works on a number of theme projects which are not featured on the television show.

Theme Bikes

Black Widow Bike Fire Bike Cody's old school project Comanche Bike Mikey's Blues Bike Christmas Bike POW/MIA Bike Mikey/Vinnie's Bike Lance Armstrong I, Robot Bike Junior's Dream Bike Jet Bike Rat Bike Police Bike Lucy Bike Talladega Bike Spider-Man Bike Clown Bike Flash Bike True Blue Bike Eragon Bike Rick's Dream Bike

Customer Bikes

PureFit Nutrition Bars Snap-on New York Jets Statue of Liberty Bike Dixie Chopper NAPA Carroll Shelby Lincoln Mark LT Davis Love III Sam's Club the New York Yankees NASA David Mann Wendy's Sunoco Bill Murray Eragon Go Daddy Flowjet Hewlett-Packard GoFast Peavey Russell Crowe the Kansas City Royals Case Cutlery Caterpillar Inc. Iowa Farm Bureau Army National Guard Bike Black Widow Spider Bike Christmas Bike Christmas Sleigh Clown Bike Cody's Old School Project Comanche Bike Fire Bike Flash Bike Jet Bike Junior's Dream Bike Lucy Bike Mikey and Vinnie's Bike Mikey's Blues Bike Military Bikes Police Bike POW/MIA Bike Rat Bike Rick's Dream Bike Spider-Man Bike Talladega Bike True Blue Bike University of Michigan Bike Solidworks the United States Army the United States Air Force PEZ Candy the Big Gulp Bike for 7-Eleven stores Cherokee Nation Learjet Airgas Criss Angel Mindfreak Speedco Riptide a flower Bike Reeve SLR Werner Trucking a Hemi bike for Chrysler Miami Heat SealMaster Bass Pro Shops University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Rebels

FANtasy bikes

Jeff Clegg's Corporal Punishment Susan Morisset's Female Snake Bike Joseph McClendon's Custom Hog Bryan King's Vertebrae Trike