Season 6

Ep 1: NHL Bike/B-2 Bomber Bike
The guys of OCC have their work cut out for them with two new projects: a B-2 Bomber bike for Northrop Grumman and one for the NHL. The company's foundation is rocked as Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. go head to head in a no hold's barred argument.
Watch the Bike Build Mash-Up for the NHL Bike
Watch the Bike Build Mash-Up for the Bomber Bike

Ep 2: Woodstock/Ringling and Barnum and Bailey Circus Bikes
Times are tough at the OCC shop with Sr. and Jr. still not getting along. Sr. and the rest of the OCC team clown around at the circus, and build a bike to honor the music festival held at Woodstock.
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Ep 3: DECA Bike/Colmet Bike
Sr. is having some work done on the shop and in return he's building bikes for the contracted companies, DECA and Col-met.
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Ep 4: Unique Machine Bike
Sr. takes a trip up to Alaska to research a bike and ends up meeting with Governor Sarah Palin. Then it's off to Finland in an attempt to bring OCC to Europe.
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Ep. 5: 10th Anniversary OCC Bike
To mark the occasion of OCC's 10th anniversary Sr. designs a bike for the masses. He's written a new book and gets invited to ring the bell at the NYSE, and to appear on some famous late night talk shows in order to promote it.
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Ep. 6: Teutul Triumph Bike
Jr. & Sr.'s relationship is rocky at best, and now that Jr. is no longer an employee of OCC, Paul Sr. tries his best to make amends. He invites Jr. and Mikey up to his house to work on a Triumph Bike, not for a client, but just for fun.
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Ep. 7: Mountain Creek Bike
Paul Sr. is out of the shop as he continues to promote his new book on some popular talk shows. In order to keep the production of the Mt. Creek bike running smoothly, he calls Jr. in as a consultant to help out.
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Ep. 8: Howe Cavern Bike
The guys from OCC head to Howe Caverns to face their fears and explore some caves deep under ground. While Paul Jr. continues his work as a consultant for OCC, he sets his sights on his own projects outside the shop.
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Ep. 9: Pilot Pen Bike and Ducati Bike
In an effort to continue their business expansion, OCC partners up with industry giant Ducati. The guys in the shop put their unique spin on one of these Italian bikes as they prepare to celebrate at OCC's four day long 10th anniversary bash.
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Ep. 10: Jon & Kate Plus 8 Bike
Jon Gosselin, of the hit TLC series Jon & Kate +8, has commissioned the guys at OCC to build him a bike. To get a better idea of how the father of 8 wants his bike to look, the Teutuls take a trip to Jon and Kate's house to see how the family of 10 live.
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Ep. 11: Abu Dhabi Police Bike
OCC lands an important international client as they are hired to build a bike for the Abu Dhabi police department. Seeing a good business opportunity, Sr. travels to the Middle East in an attempt to expand OCC's international reach.

Ep. 12: Chesapeake Energy Bike
The guys at Orange County Choppers go green, attempting to build the first clean-burning natural gas powered chopper for Chesapeake Energy Corporation. This project puts their ingenuity and vision to the test-- can the OCC team create a bike that's all chopper but still energy efficient? Over at Paul Jr. Designs, Jr. gets his new company off the ground by landing his first client, Coleman, who hire him to put a new spin on a current product. Meanwhile, back at OCC, Mikey finds himself questioning his relationship with his father and his role at Orange County Choppers.