Season 2

Episode 30: Mikey/Vinnie Bike 1
With Senior and Junior perfecting their tans in sunny Hilton Head, S.C., Mikey and Vinnie finally get the chance to build their own bike. After hitting the links for a little "inspiration," the guys cook up some tasty ideas for their project: a super-stretch frame, a twin-cam motor and a unique, one-sided swing arm. But the guys get an unwelcome wake-up call when a new Teutul — gruff cousin Keith — is hired to crack the whip in Big Paul's place. Turns out the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Episode 31: Mikey/Vinnie Bike 2
With only a week to go until the New Orleans show, Mikey and Vinnie hit the home stretch on their collaborative project. But friendship turns into frenzy when Mikey's tardiness gets him sent home by interim boss Keith, leaving Vinnie to wrap up work on the duo's signature hog all by himself. And when the bike fails to start on the day of the show, it's up to Vinnie to save the day.

Episode 32: I, Robot Bike 1
A visit from superstar Will Smith brings OCC its latest challenge: a bike inspired by the science-fiction flick I, Robot. But with its big L.A. premiere only weeks away, the bike will have to be produced in record time. And when Paulie abruptly scraps his plan for a wild, serpentine exhaust — wasting an entire day's work — Senior wonders whether the bike will have a happy ending ... or if OCC will experience it's first box office flop.

Episode 33: I, Robot Bike 2
It's California dreaming as the boys of OCC get their latest creation ready for its red-carpet debut out West. While they're waiting for paint and chrome work to be completed, Paulie and Vinnie get to work souping up Mikey's "chick magnet" — his 50-cc scooter. But comedy turns to drama when a few missing parts prevent final assembly of the Robo-Bike.

Episode 34: Davis Love Bike
Famed golfer Davis Love III is shocked when his wife enlists the Teutuls to build him a personalized chopper. Several awkward golf games later, the Teutuls are back in the shop, working at a frenzied pace to get the bike done on a very tight deadline. With the Buick Classic golf tournament only days away, will OCC's latest chopper creation make the precious deadline, or will Davis be riding his golf cart all the way home?

Episode 35: Lance Armstrong Bike 1
The guys visit Nike headquarters in search of inspiration for their next project, a chopper tribute to six-time Tour de France champion and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong Foundation. But when fabrication begins, the shop and Junior's ambitious designs suffer a setback when Rick get his hand caught in a drill press, sustaining a serious injury.

Episode 36: Lance Armstrong Bike 2
The Tour de France is in its final stages as work continues on Lance Armstrong's Livestrong bike. With their deadline looming, the team struggles to put the finishing touches on the exhaust system in time to get the chopper to Justin and Nub Grafix for paint. But when the bike returns, engine problems linger, putting the pressure on Junior to fix the mystery problem before OCC presents the gift to Lance on The Tonight Show.

Episode 37: Police Bike 1
Under the gun to create a bike honoring the men and women of law enforcement, the guys pay a visit to the New York State Police Academy, where they learn firsthand just how tough training is when Keith ends up on the wrong side of the law. Then, when the crew gets back to the shop, the fights break out before fabrication even begins. With only six days to build their police tribute, the pressure is on.

Episode 38: Police Bike 2
With delays beginning to pile up, the OCC crew gives up their holiday weekend in order to fix the bike in time for a benefit for New York police officers lost on 9/11. But will their hard work lead to disaster when they realize that the chopper's fender doesn't fit?

Episode 39: David Mann Bike 1
A trip down memory lane while at Sturgis inspires Senior to build a tribute to biker legend and artist (and one of Senior's personal heroes) David Mann. But throughout the build Senior struggles with problems, from Paulie showing up late to work to never-ending fights with Mike. Then, after a trip to the dentist leaves Mike in an anesthetized stupor, Senior and Rick are left to work on the handlebars without his input. Will his empty spot slow down the build, or will Senior and Rick survive on their own?

Episode 40: David Mann Bike 2
Continuing with his chopper tribute to David Mann, Senior demands his finest paint job yet, only to take matters into his own hands when a miscommunication leads to unsatisfactory work. But then, through a tragic phone call from Easyriders magazine, Senior learns that David Mann has passed away, changing the bike from a tribute to Mann's work to a memorial to his life.

Episode 41: Christmas Sleigh
OCC rings in the holiday season with their annual Christmas bike, fabricating a custom sleigh worthy of old Saint Nick that will be pulled by the previous year's Christmas Bike. And so, with Junior and Vinnie tied up in the shop with customer bikes, Senior, Mikey, Rick and Campo head down to the iron shop to build their creation in time to use the bike and sleigh to deliver gifts to needy families.

Episode 42: Carroll Shelby Bike 1
It's off to visit car-racing legend Carroll Shelby, during which OCC discusses design ideas for their tribute to Shelby's long career. But after deciding on their ultimate inspiration — a classic Shelby Mustang — the boys return to their usual antics: Senior takes a Shelby car for a high-speed spin and fights with Junior over the bike's frame, a golf cart is taken for a destructive joyride, and Gus gets locked in Senior's Hummer. Will they get things together and finish the bike before their fast-approaching deadline?

Episode 43: Carroll Shelby Bike 2
OCC continues their fabrication on the Shelby Bike, but faces immense pressure to finish in time to move to their brand-new shop. To celebrate the end of an era, the boys drive Senior's car through the walls of the old office; even Governor Pataki visits the boys at their new headquarters. But it's not all fun and games, as the guys quickly find out. When the bike comes back from the paint shop, they discover a major problem with the motor ... just hours before it has to be shipped to Vegas.

Episode 44: Lincoln Mark LT Bike Part 1
The guys start their next project — a chopper honoring the first Lincoln pickup truck — with a trip to Motor City and a tour of the Ford Lincoln plant, where Mikey gives Senior a serious case of the giggles. Back in the shop, Junior and the crew get to work designing and building a bike that reflects the pickup's classy look and incorporates its chrome grill.

Episode 45: Lincoln Mark LT Bike Part 2
As work continues on the Lincoln Bike, Mikey pitches in to complete some extra features and to keep the guys on schedule. Then, after the bike goes out for its paint job, Junior and crew travel to Washington, D.C., to visit injured troops at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital. Back in New York, the rivalry between Orange County Choppers and Orange County Iron Works is played out in a hardcore game of dodge ball. But too much play and little work means a final scramble to finish the build when the crew encounters huge problems during the bike's final assembly.

Episode 46: Junior's Dream Bike 1
Building on his previous two spider web-themed bikes — the Spider and Black Widow bikes — Paulie takes on a third, challenging himself to create the most outrageous bike to date.

Episode 47: Junior's Dream Bike 2
As Paulie finishes the Web Bike, completing the trilogy, Rick and Vinnie get the opportunity of a lifetime and take a ride in an F-16.

Episode 48: Caterpillar Bike 1
Seeking inspiration for OCC's next theme bike, Junior and the guys head to Caterpillar Inc.'s headquarters in Peoria, Ill., where they test out the heavy equipment. Once back in the shop, however, Junior and Senior fight nonstop ... again.

Episode 49: Caterpillar Bike 2
The fights continue as the guys struggle to complete assembly on the bike for Caterpillar, their efforts slowed by major problems with the rear fender.

Episode 50: Gillette Bike 1
In search of ideas for their newest theme bike, OCC visits Gillette's headquarters in Boston. Then, back in the shop, the guys split their attention between production bikes and the Gillette Bike, while Senior takes some fabrication frustration out on Junior and Vinnie.

Episode 51: Gillette Bike 2
The guys complete the bike for Gillette, unveiling it at Boston's Prudential Center. Meanwhile, as an added bonus, Mikey babysits Vinnie's daughter, so Vinnie and his wife can have a much-needed night out.

Episode 52: NAPA Drag Bike 1
It's off to drag-racing school in New Jersey for the OCC guys, as they prepare to build a drag bike for NAPA. And this bike will be unlike any other: It'll have a straight speed of 140 mph, and will be used in actual races on the quarter-mile drag track. Also out of the ordinary is Mike, who stops his loafing around and gets a new title at OCC after Mike Campo quits.

Episode 53: NAPA Drag Bike 2
OCC finishes the NAPA bike, and Vinnie races it down the strip in an actual drag race.

Episode 54: Military Bike 1
Junior and Senior join forces to build bikes that will be auctioned off, among other items, to benefit the families of U.S. troops seriously wounded or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. To learn more about the two charities benefiting from the auction — the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and the Fisher House Foundation — OCC takes a field trip to the USS Intrepid, the scene of their Jet Bike unveiling so many years ago. Back at the shop, Senior has his mother's Cadillac restored to its original condition, surprising her with it, as father and son work through their rivalry and get started on their bikes.

Episode 55: Military Bike 2
After a trip to the nuclear submarine USS Albuquerque for additional inspiration, Senior finishes his old-school chopper, and Junior, his more modern bike. Then it's off to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., to show the wounded troops their creations. Finally, as the auction draws near, OCC enlists the help of their celebrity friends, including Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, to obtain items to auction off and raise more money.

Episode 56: Yankees Bike 1
At Yankee Stadium, the Teutuls meet with New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada to discuss building a bike to be auctioned off to benefit his foundation, which endeavors to further awareness of and research on craniosynostosis, a condition that affects the craniums of infants, and provides financial support to families whose children are affected by it. Back in the shop, Senior plays hardball with Junior when he doesn't see enough progress being made on the bike, and when the pressure becomes too much, OCC challenges Orange County Ironworks to a game of softball.

Episode 57: Yankees Bike 2
Hoping for the inspiration they need to finish the bike, the guys head to a New York Yankees game with Grandma. Mikey is put in charge of getting the gas tank signed by the entire Yankees team, and he guards it with his life as he attempts to complete the task. Then, once assembled, the bike is revealed at the auction to benefit the Jorge Posada Foundation.