Season 3

Episode 58: Space Shuttle Tribute Bike 1
The OCC gets an out-of-this-world experience as they head to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, to get some inspiration for the NASA-themed bike that they will build. The bike will be a tribute to the space shuttle program and a memorial in honor of the two crews that were lost in space. While there, the guys get a tour of the facility, and go into a shuttle simulator. Once back in the shop, the stars aren't aligned as Junior and Senior argue about Junior's work ethic, and Mikey plays astronaut and launches some rockets of his own.

Episode 59: Space Shuttle Tribute Bike 2
The guys of OCC take off to Cape Canaveral, Fla., to watch the launch of the space shuttle Discovery, seeking more ideas for the NASA-themed bike. Once back in the shop, Junior continues to work on the bike while Senior and Mikey build a model space shuttle together. After the bike is assembled, OCC heads back to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, to reveal the bike to NASA and the astronauts who returned home on Discovery.

Episode 60: Rick's Bike 1
As Senior and Rick finish a production bike together, Senior decides to surprise Rick and tells him that the next bike that they build will be for him. Mikey comes in to help Rick, and acts as his inspiration. Junior doesn't want to work on the bike, but Senior gets involved and forces him to. When Junior works on the design with Jason Pohl and the computer crashes, Jason freaks out over the lost material. Outside the shop, Vin and Cody head to Vin's house when a bat decides to invade his home.

Episode 61: Rick's Bike 2
Fabrication continues on the Rick Bike, as the guys pitch in to finish this old school bike for Rick to keep. The bike heads to paint and Nub gets to give it a classic feel. Senior heads to the blacksmith to pick up the sisi bar that he and Mikey had created and delivers it to Rick. Then, all of the guys help with assembly.

Episode 62: FANtasy Bike 1
The first of four FANtasy bike winners is revealed as a dream comes true for one lucky fan.  OCC heads to Phoenix, AZ to surprise the winner.

Episode: 63: FANtasy Bike 2
The second of four FANtasy bike winners is revealed as the guys head to Texas.  OCC spends some time with this lucky lady and learn about what she wants her chopper to look like. 

Episode 64: FANtasy Bike 3
The third of four FANtasy bike winners is revealed as OCC heads to California to surprise a lucky fan.  After having sold his motorcycle to pay for his mother's medical treatment, it's a dream come true for this winner to finally have a bike again. 

Episode 65: FANtasy Bike 4
The final of four FANtasy bike winners is revealed as the guys head to California. After a car accident left this fan a paraplegic, OCC faces the challenge of creating a trike.

Episode 66: Senior's Vintage Project 1
After his trip to Europe where he saw some impressive vintage motorcycles, Senior feels inspired and decides to start his own collection of vintage bikes. When the guys try to restore an old classic, they run into some obstacles and need to call on the help of an expert. Senior has everyone working on this project and he decides to build a chopper with a vintage feel as well. Mikey even pitches in, but when he gets pushed too far, he throws a temper tantrum and walks out.

Episode 67: Senior's Vintage Project 2
The guys of OCC continue working on Senior's vintage chopper, while Chris Matthews finishes restoring an old classic.  When the front end of the vintage chopper comes back from powdercoat the wrong color, the guys scramble to finish the bike on time.  Senior's vintage chopper is unveiled at a photo shoot for Barnett's magazine.

Episode 68: Wendy's Bike 1
The guys of OCC head to Wendy's headquarters in Dublin, Ohio to do some research for their next build.  Building a bike that will be auctioned off to benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the crew gets to work on a bike unlike anything OCC has ever built before.  An OCC first, the frame is built in house, which proves to be a challenge for the guys.   Junior and Senior butt heads when Junior uses his cell phone at work and leaves the work for the other guys to do.

Episode 69: Wendy's Bike 2
The OCC crew continues working on their latest build, a bike for Wendy's to be auctioned off to benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. When the bike is sent to paint and powdercoat, the guys head to Hunter Mountain for some fun on the slopes.  Once back in the shop, the crew works on finishing the bike in time to reveal it.

Episode 70: Sunaco Bike 1
OCC teams up with Sunoco and Nascar driver Kyle Petty to build a bike that will benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp.  The guys head down to North Carolina to meet Kyle Petty and to tour the camp.  While there, they get the opportunity to hang out and spend time with some of the kids. Once back in the shop, they continue working on this latest chopper.

Episode 71: Sunaco Bike 2
OCC continues working on their latest build, a bike for Sunoco that will be auctioned off to benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp.  When the bike is sent to paint and powdercoat, the guys head to Lowe's Speedway and take turns going around the track.

Episode 72: Bill Murray Bike 1
Actor Bill Murray contacts OCC to build a chopper inspired by his Caddyshack character, Carl.  Junior and Pohl hit the links for some inspiration.  Bill Murray comes to the shop once fabrication gets under way to pitch in and help the guys. 

Episode 73: Bill Murray Bike 2
OCC continues working on a custom chopper for actor Bill Murray.  After the bike comes back from Nub's, Jr. is unhappy with the paintjob.  While Nub re-paints the chopper, the Teutuls head off course for a little fun on some Amphibious ATVs. The guys also hit the links with Bill Murray prior to the unveiling.  The chopper is then auctioned off at a golf tournament in Florida to benefit the St. Vincent's Mobile Hospital.

Episode 74: OCC Production Bike
OCC takes a new direction as they decide to mass-produce a bike for the public.  Design and fabrication get off to a slow start, but Vin kicks into high gear after finding out some personal news.  Mikey and Senior take a trip to California to oversee part of the fabrication process.  Once back in the shop, Senior butts heads with both Mikey and Junior, causing a blowout for the record books.  The bike is revealed on a late night talk show.

Episode 75: OCC Roadshow
OCC prepares to hit the road as they get ready to do something they've never done before--build a bike on stage in front of their fans.  As the guys start to rehearse, the pressure builds when they realize that they may not be up to the task.  Once they arrive in Arizona, technical difficulties along with stage fright cause Senior walk off stage.  The bike is raffled off to a lucky winner and the OCC band makes their stage debut at the roadshow.

Episode 76: On The Road -- Europe, Part 1
Adventures and cultural differences await the Teutuls as they travel across the Atlantic for the first time ever.  While in London, the guys take in the sights and realize that things are quite different on the other side of the pond.  They manage to find some bikes and head out on the open road in England and Ireland, taking in the countryside.  On the go and feeling out of place, Senior, Junior and Mikey start to feel new pressures, and tensions rise.

Episode 77: On The Road -- Europe, Part 2
As their European vacation continues, the Teutuls head to Omaha Beach to pay their respects and learn some World War II history.  Afterwards, they travel to Paris to take in the sights.  En route back to England and the Ace Café Bike Rally, Mikey takes a detour and misses the train, forcing him to find his own way back to London.  Once the Teutuls reunite, they meet up with Ewan McGregor, hop on some bikes and ride to the bike rally.  Finally comfortable in a new country, the guys take part in high tea before heading back to the States.

Episode 78: Make-A-Wish-Bike
After winning the coveted "Favorite Wish Maker Award" from the Make A Wish Foundation, the guys decide to build a bike for the kids.  Since it's Christmastime and a big group of kids are coming to the shop to have their wish fulfilled, the Teutuls get even more into the spirit of the season.  They head to FAO Schwartz and stock up on some gifts for the kids and then throw a party when they reveal the bike.  Since the Make A Wish kids tours the OCC shop on a regular basis, the bike will stay at OCC for all future visiting kids to enjoy.

Episode 79: Behind the Scenes
Mikey gives America a look at what goes on behind the scenes on American Chopper. Using Mikey cam to shoot a documentary, we meet the crew and sees what really goes into making the hit television show.  Mikey takes us on a tour of the shop, the OCC store, and back to the production offices in LA.  While there, he learns just how much work goes into the show as he meets the post production staff.

Episode 80: History of the OCC
The most asked question by American Chopper fans is: "How did all of this start?"  This one hour special will take fans on a journey through the Teutul's family history, showing how they got to be where they are today.  We will learn about Senior, starting with him as a child.  Through old family photos and home movies, we will move through Senior's life as he started Orange County Ironworks, met his wife Paula, and started a family.  We will see how Orange County Ironworks came to be his first business and how the whole family worked there, from his own children to nieces and nephews.  To this day, it's still in the family, as his son Danny runs it.  A passion of Senior's has always been building bikes.  He built his first bike in his basement in 1974.  It was this first bike that started getting him recognition at bike shows (His life story will move along by bringing in his passion for motorcycles.)  We will show tours of Orange County Ironworks and the old OCC shop.  The Teutul's bike building escalated when television Executive Producer Craig Piligian met them at a bike show.  Piligian wanted to find an East Coast bike builder that could rival the West Coast's Jesse James.  Piligian and the Teutuls shot a pilot and then sold the series to the Discovery Channel.  The television show was a huge success and OCC became popular and their business grew.  Today, they sell over 100 custom built bikes a year.  Despite all of their success and fame, the Teutuls will always be a bike-building family that just loves to ride.

Episode 81: Never Seen Before Special
This special takes a look at some never before seen footage and outtakes from the show.  From drag racing to a trip to Sturgis to Senior dressing up in a spacesuit, it's a fun ride as Mikey and Vinnie show us some of their favorite scenes that never made the show.

Episode 82: Billy Joel Bike
OCC gets a special visit from the "Piano Man," Billy Joel, who asks the guys to build him a vintage Indian bobber motorcycle.  But when he proves to be their most demanding customer yet, the Teutuls struggle to bring Billy's dream bike to life.  To get more insight into their customer's needs, the Teutuls make a special visit to Billy's home and get a tour of his vintage motorcycle collection.  But when the paint on the bike comes back the wrong color, the pressure is on to finish the bike in time to reveal in front of ten thousand fans at a Billy Joel concert.