The American Chopper Series consists of main episodes on the building of each project bike and also specials etc. These episodes listed consist of the original Pilots, Specials and other episodes that cannot be categorized. These American Chopper episodes are not specific to any particular media release, althoght they are usually realed with main episodes in their production order.


Title Original airdate Production code # Pilot No. Overall Total
"American Chopper I - Jet Bike" September 29, 2002 1 1 1
Paul Jr. is under the gun to create a one of a kind chopper in time for Laconia Bike Week.
"American Chopper II - Biketober" January 19, 2003   2 2 2
Paul Jr. helps out Cody to build a new project bike for display at Biketoberfest.


Title Original airdate Production code # Special No. Overall Total
"Daytona Bike Week" June 2, 2003   3 1 8
A look into the Teutuls at Daytona Bike Week.
"Mikey Special" November 3, 2003   4 2 16
Mikey takes a look back into some of the memorable moments of the show so far.
"OCC Holiday Special 1 (Santa Bike)" December 22, 2003   5 3 19
The OCC crew get some holiday cheer and decide to make a bike dedicated to Christmas.
"OCC Holiday Special 2 (Sleigh Bike)" December 20, 2004   6 4 43
The OCC crew decide that for Christmas this year they will make a sleigh to attach to last years Santa bike, after its creation the whole family gets out giving away presents to disadvantaged families.
"The Best of American Chopper: Sr. vs. Jr." February 28, 2005   7 5 48
Paul Sr. and Jr. host a series of clips from the show.
"The Best of American Chopper: Michael Teutul as Himself" May 2, 2005   8 6 55
Mikey host clips and bloopers from the show.
"History of the OCC" November 14, 2005   9 7 68
A look into the history of how OCC came about and the Teutuls rise to stardom.
"Behind the Scenes Special" November 21, 2005   10 8 69
Mikey hosts a behind the scenes look at "American Chopper".
"Make-A-Wish Bike" December 19, 2005   11 9 70
The OCC crew create a bike inspired by the children of the Make-A-Wish foundation.
"Never Before Seen Special" March 13, 2006   12 10 77
Mikey and Vinnie host a series of "never before seen" clips from the show.
"American Chopper Special" February 11, 2006        
Mikey and Vinnie attempt to obtain New England lobsters for the guys at OCC.


Title Original airdate Production code # Other No. Overall Total
"On The Road -- Europe, Part 1" October 30, 2005   13 1 66
The family take a long awaited vacation to Europe.
"On The Road -- Europe, Part 2" November 7, 2005   14 2 67
The family take a long awaited vacation to Europe.
"Australia 1" May 31, 2007        
The Teutul family takes a vacation to Australia.
"Australia 2" June 7, 2007        
The Teutul family takes a vacation to Australia.
"Australia 3" June 14, 2007        
The Teutul family takes a vacation to Australia.