Season 4

Episode 83: LUGZ Bike 1
The Teutuls lace up their work shoes and step into their next project: a boot-themed bike for the Lugz Footwear Company.  As fabrication gets under way, OCC bids farewell to a valued employee, leaving the guys on their own to finish the frame.  But when Jr. and Sr. disagree about what it'll take to get the work done, and progress is tripped up, Sr. begins to question Jr.'s commitment to the business.

Episode 84: LUGZ Bike 2
The OCC crew hits their stride as they work to complete their boot-themed bike for the Lugz Footwear Company.  With fabrication well underway, and the custom leather design posing new challenges, OCC teams with leather craftsman Danny Gray and sends Jr. to CA to oversee the work. As final assembly moves along, concern with the schedule grows, and Sr. quickens the pace in an effort to make the deadline and get the bike to the unveiling at the Magic Clothing Convention Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Episode 85: Eragon Bike 1
OCC suits up, and lays siege to their latest project, a dragon-rider bike inspired by the movie Eragon.  After a visit from the film's cast, the guys begin to battle with the bike's design, and take a trip to the New York Renaissance Faire for inspiration.  As Fabrication presses forward, Mikey takes on a crusade of his own and organizes a jousting tournament uniquely OCC.

Episode 86: Eragon Bike 2
OCC continues to battle with the dragon-themed Eragon bike. With Fabrication nearing completion, Jr. brings in some specialized craftsmen to help this project scale new heights. As the guys journey into final assembly, OCC lends out a valued possession to support the newly opened Orange County Firefighters Museum. But as the Eragon bike nears completion, an oversight by Cody, and unexpected news about the bike's planned debut threatens to send this project up in smoke.

Episode 87: Senior vs. Junior 1
Orange County Choppers begins a new chapter as they break ground on a massive, new world headquarters.  With the family business expanding, Paul Sr. throws down the gauntlet, challenging Paul Jr. to a build-off that will determine the future of OCC's next dealership bike.  After sides are drawn, the competition heats up  and shop antics are raised to new heights.  But despite a heated rivalry and mounting stress, the Teutuls still manage to find time for some family bonding.

Episode 88: Senior vs. Junior 2
It's old school vs. new school as Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. continue their competition to build OCC's next production bike.  With OCC's expansion underway, Paul Sr. keeps it all in the family as he approaches the third Teutul son, Danny, to get him on board with the construction of the new building.   As the Teutuls' new book hits the shelves the guys go on the road to show appreciation to their fans.  With the builds nearing completion, both teams get down and dirty in the mud to settle an old score.  The finished bikes head to the grand opening of OCC's first dealership, and the final vote to determine which bike will be OCC's next production chopper.

Episode 89: Go Daddy 1
OCC goes online for their latest project, a high-tech, low-slung chopper for Go  As the bike design gets underway Jason Pohl and Paul Jr. can't agree on the project's direction, forcing Paul Sr. to step in and keep this build on track.  After getting the green light from Go Daddy, Jason and Jr. suit up to bag Tom Turkey and blow off some steam, but end up getting outclassed by a dog named Dave.  With the build moving forward, the growing demand for the OCC flare takes the guys to Las Vegas for the unveiling of their custom-designed Chevy.  And as progress on the bike continues, the new face in the shop has Sr. feeling the competitive edge pushing him to bring new levels of discipline to the Teutul family.

Episode 90: Go Daddy 2
It's business as usual as OCC continues on their chopper for  With the bike out to paint, Mikey and Sr. make it a father-son day at the racetrack, where Mikey lets his hair down and shows off his skills to Indy car driver Danica Patrick.  As assembly gets underway, the cross-shop rivalry heats up as sides are drawn once again, and the war of words escalates into the ultimate ambush.  Mikey comes through on his promise, and treats Vinnie to a relaxing day at the spa.  With assembly sailing along, a new tradition is started at the shop, and the anticipation builds for the bike's Superbowl weekend reveal.

Ep 91: Flowjet Bike 1
OCC starts in on their latest creation, a chopper for the FLOW Corporation.  With the arrival of FLOW's newest 5-axis water jet machine at the shop, OCC steps it up with their in-house capabilities, giving Jr and Pohl the tools to push ahead with some innovative designs.  And as the build gets underway, Sr. recruits Jr. and Mikey, and takes time out for a family home improvement project.  With fabrication on schedule and firmly in hand, the guys head west for some high desert riding as they shoot a new open for the show.  And back at the shop, Mikey starts in on a secret project that has Sr. pointing the finger at everyone.

Episode 92: Flowjet Bike 2
OCC continues on the custom chopper for the FLOW Corporation, breaking new ground with the use of the new 5-axis water jet machine.  Mikey finishes up his secret project, the "Wheel of Blame", while Paul Jr. spends some quality time with his mom.  With the project moving quickly through assembly, the crew suits up and heads to the paintball course to let off a little steam.  And the bike makes its big reveal at the IMTS convention in Chicago, IL.

Episode 93: HP 1
OCC boots up their latest custom chopper - a computer-themed creation for the HP Corporation. As fabrication goes on line, it's a techy's dream come true as HP sends some state-of-the-art toys to inspire the design. With the build underway, the OCC crew makes a call to the tattoo artists of "Miami Ink" to discuss getting some new tattoos. But when things get off on the wrong foot, Sr. goes over the edge. And with a foul odor adrift in the shop, Sr. is forced to send Pohl and his dog Dave to the bathhouse.

Episode 94: HP 2
OCC continues on their computer themed chopper for the HP Corporation. With the bike out to paint and chrome, Ami and Chris from Miami Ink settle in and continue their custom body art on Sr. and Beth. As assembly gets underway, illness plagues the shop, taking its toll on both the crew and progress. Sr. heads to the doctor for some back relief. Construction on OCC's new building gets the go ahead and the Teutuls drop in to get things started. At the bike's reveal, the guys struggle with problems when the bike won't start and Sr. narrowly avoids a major mishap.

Episode 95: Peavey 1
OCC amps it up as they start on their latest custom creation - a guitar-themed chopper for Peavey Electronics. But when Sr. brings in a second build, for the Go Fast Energy Drink company, the work piles up and the company's resources are spread thin. After a plan is developed and the shop is energized to get the work done, Sr.'s competitive edge kicks in and Jr.'s antics nearly cause serious injury.

Episode 96: Peavey 2
OCC continues on their custom chopper for Peavey Electronics. Hartley Peavey visits OCC and begins design on an OCC-themed guitar. Sr. takes Mikey and Jr. along on a visit to his miniature animals. The double build winds down as the guys travel to Las Vegas to unveil the Go Fast bike, and then on to Anaheim for the Peavey reveal.