Season 1

American Chopper (aka Jet Bike)
In this pilot episode, the Teutuls race to build their Jet Bike — since featured on the cover of American Iron Magazine — in time for Laconia Bike Week. Paul Jr. checks out the flight deck of the USS Intrepid for aerodynamic inspiration, then steals a few hours of relaxation on the golf course before heading back to the garage. But Paul Sr. isn't too thrilled with his son's field trip and worries that all of the bike's custom nuances — the miniature cockpit, handmade missiles, reinforced wheelie bar — will ground the project before it ever gets going.

American Chopper II (aka Biketoberfest)
The OCC crew finds itself under the gun with Daytona's Biketoberfest looming around the bend. This legendary biker bash is great exposure for the shop, so showing something spectacular is imperative. Unfortunately, with only seven days to design, build and test their bike, the guys have their work cut out for them. Paul Sr. lets Paul Jr. and Cody — a talented, eager-to-learn, teenage shop mechanic — handle the entire project. The resulting classic design and eye-catching paint job make for a bike that's all chopper ... and all Cody. But when Paul Jr. schedules extra time for a fully chromed frame — a first for OCC — Biketoberfest's deadline suddenly approaches. Will the young guns finish on time?

Episode 1: Black Widow
Paul Jr. begins work on the Black Widow theme bike while Paul Sr. musters the courage for a trip to the dentist.

Episode 2: Black Widow 2
As the crew races to finish the Black Widow bike in time for one of New York City's biggest trade shows, Paul Jr. plays hooky from work. Meanwhile, OCC gets its newest employee: Mikey.

Episode 3: Race Car
Sparks fly and tempers flare as the Teutuls battle to create a $150,000 Race Car (aka TrimSpa) theme bike in time for a NASCAR race.

Episode 4: Race Car 2
Paulie enters the final lap of his Race Car bike project, but tracking down the right materials proves to be a problem.

Episode 5: Firebike
The boys from OCC have some fun in the sun wrangling reptiles at a Florida gator farm. Then it's back to the cold reality of a New York winter, where Paul Jr. dreams up a custom chopper to honor New York City's greatest heroes.

Episode 6: Daytona Bike Week
In Daytona, OCC takes Bike Week by storm, while Cody says goodbye to the Cody Project. Back at home, father and son argue over who does more at the shop, while Vinnie continues fabrication on the Firebike.

Episode 7: Firebike 2
Paul Sr.'s temper runs hot as progress on the Firebike lags. But Paul Jr.'s creative struggles are solved after a visit to a local firehouse.

Episode 8: Old School Chopper
When not giving Cody a crash course in the art of classic chopper design, Paul Sr. spends some quality time Teutul-style with his sons.

Episode 9: Old School Chopper/Comanche
It's graduation day for Paul and Cody's Old School Chopper, and all of Cody's hard work earns him one sweet diploma: the keys. Meanwhile, Paulie visits an Army helicopter facility to research his latest project.

Episode 10: Comanche 2
With time running out on the Comanche Bike project, the crew hits the highway for their latest bike show: the Louisiana Bike Expo in New Orleans.

Episode 11: Comanche 3
Paul Jr. and Vinnie battle to complete the Comanche Bike in time for Myrtle Beach Bike Week. But a last-minute emergency leaves the project hovering on the brink of disaster.

Episode 12: Mikey's Bike
Mikey hangs up the phone and picks up a wrench, relishing his first chance to design and build his own custom chopper. Paulie, however, has his own ideas.

Episode 13: Mikey's Bike 2
Setbacks, stress and sibling rivalry threaten to derail the Blues Bike project. But Mikey has a more pressing problem: passing his motorcycle driver's test.

Episode 14: Tool Bike 1
The OCC crew gets down to the nuts-and-bolts of building bikes when Paul Jr. creates a custom chopper for Snap-On from the tools of the trade. But disagreements and last-minute delays ratchet up the tension and throw a wrench in the works.

Episode 15: Tool Bike 2
Battle lines are drawn and accusations fly as father and son push each other to the breaking point. Tempers reach a fevered pitch when Paul Sr. tightens the screws and the deadline closes in on OCC's latest creation.

Episode 16: NY Jets Bike
The OCC crew kicks off a big-league project when they build a custom chopper for their hometown heroes, the New York Jets, and try to complete it in time for opening day.

Episode 17: POW/MIA 1
Paul Sr. begins building a custom chopper to honor America's missing in action and prisoners of war.

Episode 18: POW/MIA 2
As OCC's battle to build the POW/MIA bike rages on, design changes and last-minute setbacks bring Paul Sr.'s patriotic tribute to a crashing halt.

Episode 19: POW/MIA 3
With the deadline closing in on Paul Sr.'s POW/MIA bike, the OCC crew joins forces to complete the heartfelt tribute before its public debut. But more last-minute delays and unexpected setbacks leave its fate hanging in the balance.

Episode 20: Miller Electric 1
The boys visit Miller Electric, leading makers of welding equipment, to spark some inspiration for their latest chopper. While Vinnie gets a charge out of Paulie's design ideas for the bike — a welder's mask incorporated into the gas tank and a serpentine set of exhaust pipes — Big Paul sizzles over the pure mess in the shop. And when Vinnie's wife goes into labor, forcing him to leave work, Paulie is left to face Senior's meltdown all by himself.

Episode 21: Miller Electric 2
Paulie and the boys hit the hardwood for a game of hoops against the guys from OCC Ironworks in what can only be described as a comedy of errors. But back in the shop, it's all business: Big Paul blows up at Vinnie for leaving the shop in disarray and nearly sends him home for the day. However, once Senior gets a look at the Miller Bike's patriotic paint job and the outrageous tow-behind welder, all is forgiven.

Episode 22: Leno Bike 1
The Teutuls go Hollywood when Tonight Show host Jay Leno commissions a modern version of his favorite classic bike: the 1939 Brough Superior. But back at OCC, the excitement fades when Paulie discovers that the bike's frame is too small to accommodate the oil tank. And when the motor and wheels arrive late, it creates a host of technical difficulties that threaten to put the Leno Bike on hiatus.

Episode 23: Leno Bike 2
It's "lights! camera! action!" as Paulie and the shop prepare for the Leno Bike's debut on The Tonight Show. But when the parts come back from the painter with a thick layer of powder coating, the guys discover that the bike just won't fit together. With only hours to go until the trip out to L.A., Paulie and Vinnie are forced to burn the midnight oil in order to win a big rating from the king of late night.

Episode 24: Liberty Bike 1
When a wealthy historian asks the guys to incorporate original copper fixtures from the Statue of Liberty into a custom chopper, Paulie gets stars (and stripes) in his eyes. Innovative touches like a right-side drive line and a torch-shaped carburetor prove worthy — but time-consuming — additions. And when it becomes clear that the boys are behind schedule yet again, Senior's cries of, "Give me liberty, or give me Paulie's head!" nearly spark an Orange County revolution.

Episode 25: Liberty Bike 2
In the midst of the uphill battle to finish the Liberty Bike, Paul Sr. proposes a little downhill adventure: a spontaneous snow-tubing trip. Back at the shop, the pressure mounts when Paulie realizes the bike's exhaust doesn't fit and the rear fender needs to be redone. But after everything is refitted and the bike comes back from the copper-plater gleaming like the world's baddest penny, the guys know they have an American classic on their hands.

Episode 26: Dixie Chopper 1
When the gang visits the Dixie Chopper Company — makers of fast, powerful lawn mowers — Paulie comes away with some cutting-edge ideas for OCC's latest bike. Spinning mower blades incorporated into the wheels and a real, chromed-out mower engine really set the bike off. But when the custom carburetor doesn't fit, Orange County's mower-inspired masterpiece nearly turns to mulch.

Episode 27: Dixie Chopper 2
With business booming at OCC, Senior splurges for an expansion to the cramped garage ... and a custom Harley for son Paulie. Back in the shop, the crew hustles to get the Dixie Bike ready for its Daytona debut. But with the clock ticking and the realization that the rear fender is hopelessly bent, the guys are going to have to come up with a creative solution to get this grass-kicking hog to the show on time.

Episode 28: Mikey Special
Mikey revisits some of the best moments from season one.

Episode 29: Christmas Special
The Teutuls spread some Christmas cheer by building a Santa Claus theme custom chopper for children of fallen firefighters.