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Season 1 (2004)

  Episode 1: Junkyard Dog 1
Boyd and his crew attempt to resurrect a forgotten classic — a scruffy 1956 two-door Chevy salvaged from the junkyard — only to find that integrating classic hot-rod looks with 21st-century technology isn't as easy as it sounds.
premiere: Jan. 13, 2004
  Episode 2: Junkyard Dog 2
Three weeks into the project, the team finds itself running several days behind an already tight schedule. Problems arise when the doors won't fit properly on the body, but after some after-hours hammering sessions, the boys manage to tame their junkyard dog — until a snafu with the gas tank nearly blows up in their faces.
premiere: Jan. 20, 2004
  Episode 3: Junkyard Dog 3
With most of the major body work completed, the team moves on to the next phase. Six layers of custom Boyd Red paint later, things seem to be on schedule ... until the boys discover that the specially made motor doesn't quite fit in the front end, forcing them to come up with a quick fix.
premiere: Feb. 6, 2004
  Episode 4: Junkyard Dog 4
With only days to go until the big show in Las Vegas, Boyd and his crew feel the heat, and taking a break to barbecue in the shop only creates more tension. Without Charley, last-minute changes and costly delays put a ratchet in the works. Will the crew have the car ready in time for Boyd to test-drive before the unveiling?
premiere: Feb. 13, 2004
  Episode 5: Alumatub 1
The metal starts flying when the Coddington crew sets out to create a one-of-a-kind signature roadster — the all-aluminum Alumatub — from scratch in just 16 weeks. And when the tension between shop rivals Jimmy and Bluebear reaches a fever pitch, Boyd sets up an impromptu boxing match to work out their differences, the results of which may knock out Boyd's most ambitious project yet.
premiere: Feb. 27, 2004
  Episode 6: Alumatub 2
A Swedish intern joins the team, his fumbling nearly setting off an international incident in the shop. Already days behind schedule on the chassis, the crew hits another snag when Kevin falls asleep at the wheel-making machine. But with Duane barking out orders, the pieces finally come together, and the chassis gets shipped out to Marcel's Custom Metal, where the 'tub begins to take shape.
premiere: March 5, 2004
  Episode 7: Alumatub 3
When the Alumatub's body comes back from Marcel's one week ahead of schedule, Boyd and the gang are thrilled. Not only is the workmanship top-notch, but the extra seven days offer much-needed breathing room on the project. However, when Mike discovers that the water pump won't fit under the svelte aluminum body, the whole 'tub nearly goes down the drain.
premiere: March 12, 2004
  Episode 8: Alumatub 4
With the finish line on the horizon, the crew bears down to complete their unique aluminum roadster. The pressure mounts when their momentum is stymied by a freak snowboarding accident. Bitter disputes break out, culminating in an all-out paintball war that throws the shop into turmoil.
premiere: March 19, 2004
  Episode 9: Alumatub 5
With only two weeks to go, the crew throws things into fifth gear, even avoiding a few last-minute potholes — like a too-small manifold that won't fit on the custom-built engine. But when the 'tub suddenly loses all oil pressure on the morning of its big debut, Boyd nearly blows a gasket. With everything on the line, the guys will have to push themselves like never before to get the Alumatub to the finish line.
premiere: March 26, 2004
  Episode 10: '32 Hi-Boy Roadster 1
This time around, Boyd Coddington and his crew set out to create a rebuilt 1932 Hi-Boy Roadster. Traditional touches abound, including a front-mounted moon tank, a louvered deck lid and conventional wing-style gauges. But the real trick will be shoehorning a 21st-century 400-horsepower Chevy motor into this old-school beauty. It's going to take maximum effort from everyone involved to get this Boy on the road.
premiere: May 14, 2004
  Episode 11: '32 Hi-Boy Roadster 2
When the '32 Roadster hits a major speed bump with parts missing and the shop in an uproar, Duane reaches his breaking point. His shop on its way to a full-blown disaster, Boyd makes a shocking decision to change the build that will either make or break the roadster.
premiere: May 21, 2004
  Episode 12: '32 Hi-Boy Roadster 3
Falling dangerously behind on the prize '32 Roadster, the Coddington crew is forced to make radical moves in their bid to bring their beast under control. As the deadline fast approaches, the two Coddington shops find themselves fighting over the roadster and control of the car's destiny.
premiere: June 4, 2004
  Episode 13: '32 Hi-Boy Roadster 4
With only two days left to assemble the entire '32 roadster, Boyd's team bears down to fight its way to the finish line. But when Mike refuses to work over the weekend and a boxful of crucial parts fails to come back from the chrome-plater, Boyd faces the possibility of heading to his hot-rod event with nothing to show.
premiere: June 11, 2004


Episode # v Prod # Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01  
23 / Jan / 2004
Junkyard Dog (Part 1) N/A
2 1x02  
30 / Jan / 2004
Junkyard Dog (Part 2) N/A
3 1x03  
06 / Feb / 2004
Junkyard Dog (Part 3) N/A
4 1x04  
13 / Feb / 2004
Junkyard Dog (Part 4) N/A
5 1x05  
27 / Feb / 2004
Alumatub (Part 1) N/A
6 1x06  
05 / Mar / 2004
Alumatub (Part 2) N/A
7 1x07  
12 / Mar / 2004
Alumatub (Part 3) N/A
8 1x08  
19 / Mar / 2004
Alumatub (Part 4) N/A
9 1x09  
26 / Mar / 2004
Alumatub (Part 5) N/A
10 1x10  
14 / May / 2004
'32 Hi-Boy Roadster (Part 1) N/A
11 1x11  
21 / May / 2004
'32 Hi-Boy Roadster (Part 2) N/A
12 1x12  
04 / Jun / 2004
'32 Hi-Boy Roadster (Part 3) N/A
13 1x13  
11 / Jun / 2004
'32 Hi-Boy Roadster (Part 4) N/A