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Season 4 (2006)

  Episode 56: ’40 Woodie 1
Boyd heads down to Biloxi, MS and the Isle of Capri casino to roll the dice on a 1940 Ford Woodie that will be unveiled at an event to help rally the region devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  With only 8 weeks to build the car, the odds are against the Coddington crew.  Faced with the additional step of restoring the wood, Boyd gambles on a risky plan to keep the build on schedule.  Once the car returns from the wood shop, the team has high hopes that the build will go smoothly.  But when unexpected drama between Jimmy and Johnny in the metal shop ups the ante, Duane is forced to deal a new hand to keep things on schedule.
  Episode 57: ’40 Woodie 2
The fragmented Coddington crew continues to work on the 1940 Ford Woodie.  With Jimmy and Johnny still at odds, and the metal work wreaking havoc on the shop, the guys are forced to bring in reinforcements to stay on track.  After the wood panels don't fit correctly on the new chassis and the metal work on the fenders doesn't line up, morale dips to a dangerous low and Jimmy finally cracks under the pressure.  The short-handed crew must find a way to regroup before the pressure of the deadline becomes too much.
  Episode 58: ’40 Woodie 3
The Coddington crew enters the final two weeks on the 1940 Ford Woodie, pushing it towards its debut at the Cruising the Coast Car Show along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 
With work moving along smoothly and the relaxed pace a welcome relief, Tony asks for more responsibility.  But when Boyd dashes his plans, Tony struggles to find his place in the shop.  As the final pieces come together, Bernt's hard-headed approach on the woodwork splits the team, and threatens their progress with a major setback.  
  Episode 59: ’31 Truck 1
Boyd Coddington and his crew start in on their latest build:  a '69 Chevy El Camino.  But what was shaping up to be a simple build gets complicated when the Camino's owner wants the car modified to carry his Harley.  And when Boyd signs the garage up to do a Model A truck at the same time, Duane isn't very optimistic about the workload.   As the search for the Model A body comes up empty, and the plans for the El Camino hit a snag, Boyd is forced to make last minute changes that could send this double build out to the scrap heap.
  Episode 60: ’31 Truck 2
Boyd and his crew bounce back from some early setbacks, and continue on their latest projects - a '69 Chevy El Camino and '31 Model A truck.  As the shop struggles to get this double-build back on schedule, Duane makes a bet with Rick, the newest member of the team.  But when the friendly wager turns sour, and the work doesn't get done, frustration mounts.  After Rick and his work go missing, Duane shuffles the deck to get things done.  And when the hood on the Model A doesn't fit - Boyd is forced to deal with a hand that could once again throw the future of this double build in doubt.
  Episode 61: ’31 Truck 3
As Halloween approaches for the Coddington crew, the deadline on the '69 El Camino and '31 Model A truck looms.   A visit from a Boyd look-alike has the crew seeing double.  With the El Camino progressing smoothly, the Model A truck falls further behind and forces Boyd to push his team and this double-build down to the wire to make both reveals.
  Episode 62: '57 Chevy 1
Boyd and the Coddington crew set out to restore an automotive classic - a 1957 Chevy - for O'Reilly Auto Parts. Down on manpower, Boyd and Duane enlist Bernt to head up the sheet metal work. With the build in capable hands, Boyd heads north of the border and lends his expertise to a local crew attempting to restore a car in 36 hours. But back at the shop, what first looked like an easy build quickly turns into trouble when Bernt's questionable methods cause division among the guys.
  Episode 63: '57 Chevy 2
Work continues on the '57 Chevy for O'Reilly Auto Parts. With the build going smoothly, and morale high, Boyd hits the road with Tommy and the guys for a trip to the Good Guys Auto Show in Arizona. But with the boss out of the shop, Bernt once again does things his way and decides to customize the car, creating chaos for the crew.
  Episode 64: '57 Chevy 3
Boyd and his crew enter the final weeks on the '57 Chevy for O'Reilly Auto Parts. As the body shop races to finish the paint, Duane has some fun with the new guy and Boyd brings a little Christmas cheer to the shop, giving the guys a day at the drag strip. But with the deadline pressing and the holidays approaching, Gabe and his crew are forced to keep things on track. While back at the garage, one crewmember's procrastination slows down progress, and threatens to stall the build before it reaches the finish line and it's big reveal in Dallas, TX.
  Episode 65: Bonneville Racer 1
Part 1 of 3. A 1926 Model T is modified into a Bonneville Racer, and a new hire joins the team to help with a shorter build schedule.
  Episode 66: Bonneville Racer 2
The Coddington crew shifts into overdrive to finish the Bonneville racer and the Rocky Walker Bellahaye. But after problems with fabrication, and a major development with the motor, the build grinds to a screeching halt.
  Episode 67: Bonneville Racer 3
Boyd and the Coddington crew clear the final hurdles on their Model T racer project. With Bonneville Speedweek fast approaching, Jo gets in some last minute practice.


Episode # x Prod # Airdate Title Rating
56 4x01  
12 / Jul / 2007
Hershey 1 N/A
57 4x02  
19 / Jul / 2007
Hershey 2 N/A
58 4x03  
26 / Jul / 2007
Hershey 3 N/A
59 4x04  
02 / Aug / 2007
Sobe 1 N/A
60 4x05  
09 / Aug / 2007
Sobe 2 N/A
61 4x06  
16 / Aug / 2007
Sobe 3 N/A
62 4x07  
23 / Aug / 2007
'59 Corvette 1 N/A
63 4x08  
30 / Aug / 2007
'59 Corvette 2 N/A
64 4x09  
06 / Sep / 2007
'59 Corvette 3 N/A
65 4x10  
13 / Sep / 2007
Bonneville Racer 1 N/A
66 4x11  
20 / Sep / 2007
Bonneville Racer 2 N/A
67 4x12  
27 / Sep / 2007
Bonneville Racer 3 5