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Series 3 (2005)

  Episode 37: Make-A-Wish Car 1
Boyd and the guys take on the nonprofit Coddington Foundation's first project: a '63 Dodge Polara designed by Max Cohen, a 17-year-old leukemia patient who will also help build it.
premiere: Oct. 3, 2005
  Episode 38: Make-A-Wish Car 2
Work continues on the "Max Hemi."
premiere: Oct. 10, 2005
  Episode 39: Make-A-Wish Car 3
Boyd and his crew complete the hot rod and unveil it at the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Thousand Oaks, Calif.
premiere: Oct. 17, 2005
  Episode 40: '54 Corvette and '55 Chevy 1
The crew kicks off three projects for SEMA. With tight deadlines to meet, the guys have to pull it together and work quickly.
  Episode 41: '54 Corvette and '55 Chevy 2
As the shop struggles to find new employees, the work builds up as the small crew continues to work on three projects for SEMA. As deadlines get down to the wire, a major mistake slows the team even more.
  Episode 42: '54 Corvette and '55 Chevy 3
The crew struggles to get all three projects done in time for SEMA; Thomas, however, comes back to the shop to help out the guys. Tension is high as the deadline approaches.
  Episode 43: '56 Chevy Convertible 1
The latest project for Boyd and the Coddington crew is to add a new twist to a '56 Chevy convertible. With a shrinking staff, Boyd is forced to hire some new guys to help out with the build. But when the new team members add more problems than anything else, the usual crew has to pick up the slack before this hot rod build stalls out.
  Episode 44: '56 Chevy Convertible 2
The guys continue working on their latest build, a '56 Chevy convertible. Having lost some of the recent hires in the shop, Mike steps up to work on the taillights and has some trouble adjusting to working side by side with Lee. A new crew member has a hard time fitting in at the shop and is let go. And when Duane heads to Nashville for some drag racing, things fall behind in the shop and the build gets off course.
  Episode 45: '56 Chevy Convertible 3
Running out of time to finish their latest build, a '56 Chevy convertible, the guys in the body shop are forced to work over the holidays. Duane and Boyd decide to give Tony another chance, and bring him back to the shop as an unpaid intern. As the team works together to finish the car, Scott's frustration hits an all-time high. The car is revealed at Autorama in Sacramento, Calif.
  Episode 46: '61 Impala Bubbletop 1
Boyd and the Coddington crew get to work on their latest project — a 1961 Chevy Impala Bubbletop. While the car is being taken apart, Lee finds himself a new partner in crime in Tony. The two of them add some spice to the shop and cook up some chili for the crew. Scott and Chris take a trip to Mexico and decide to build a truck as a side project, but when it adds more work for crew, Duane's temper boils over.
  Episode 47: '61 Impala Bubbletop 2
The guys continue working on their latest project, a '61 Chevy Impala Bubbletop, but they get behind schedule when they run into some problems. Boyd and Jo head to Denver to pick out the paint scheme with the car's owner. The mood in the shop turns sour as the deadline approaches. Scott's unhappiness with the shop continues to grow, and that is reinforced when Boyd returns and doesn't like some of the work that he did. Tony makes improvements as he spends time learning from the more experienced crew.
  Episode 48: '61 Impala Bubbletop 3
With the '61 Chevy Impala Bubbletop way behind schedule, the body shop works overtime to try to get it back on track. Frustration builds in the shop when Brad doesn't show up for work, leading to an explosive confrontation. When Tony gets into a serious car accident, it means the shop is down another guy, leaving more work for everyone else. Tired of the tight deadlines, Scott decides that it is finally his time to say goodbye to Boyd and the Coddington crew.
  Episode 49: '61 Impala Bubbletop 4
With the deadline quickly approaching for the '61 Chevy Impala Bubbletop, the Coddington crew kicks it into high gear. When Boyd questions the paint job, a crew member grows frustrated and threatens to walk out. Once the car is in final assembly, Scott packs up and says goodbye to the hot rod shop. When the wheel shop closes its doors, Diane has a hard time leaving it all behind.
  Episode 50: '40 Ford, Part 1
Boyd and Jo head to Sacramento to pick up their next build: a 1940 Ford. Asked to turn this beauty into a hot rod for John Sullivan's birthday present, Boyd learns of the tight deadline that they will be up against. Once back in the shop, Tony and Lee work on taking the car apart. The Coddington crew soon realizes that this car needs more work than expected, cutting into their already tight schedule. Boyd hires a new sheet metal guy, in an attempt to finally replace Roy, hoping this will help keep the guys on track. Tony pitches in, but ends up being more of a liability than a help to the guys.
  Episode 51: '40 Ford, Part 2
The Coddington crew continues working on their latest build, a 1940 Ford. Already behind schedule, the guys slip even further behind. With Tony making more and more mistakes in the shop, he is transferred to the CNC Shop, in hopes of finding his niche. Duane and Bernt go on vacation, leaving Dan in charge. But when Dan and the BodShop guys butt heads, the car gets even more off course. Duane returns to the shop, and tempers flare when he finds out that the car still isn't done.
  Episode 52: '40 Ford, Part 3
Boyd and the guys race to finish their latest build, a 1940 Ford, on time. Duane is upset that they have gotten so far behind schedule. Fortunately, the Coddington crew pulls it together and finishes in time to reveal the car in Sacramento.
  Episode 53: '36 Roadster 1
Boyd and the Coddington crew get to work on their latest project, a 1936 Ford 3-window coupe.  As the build progresses the Ford Motor Company contacts Boyd to build a pedal car to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the 1932 Roadster.  When Boyd assigns Jimmy and Robert to oversee this side project, Duane is concerned that the schedule for the ’36 will suffer.  After the car returns from the metal shop and Dan begins to work on the firewall, Boyd steps in and makes a series of changes that throws the schedule into question and causes Dan to storm off in frustration. Will he stick around to complete the build?
  Episode 54: '36 Roadster 2
The Coddington Crew works double time as they try to stay on schedule with the ’36 Ford coupe.  Enduring soaring temperatures in the shop, Jimmy and Johnny work through the weekend to stay on schedule.  But when the grill doesn’t show on time, all their hard work is wasted and progress on the build fizzles. After the ’36 coupe finally makes it out to the metal shop, Jimmy and Robert start on Boyd’s Ford Pedal Car project.  The metal work for the little car soon tests Jimmy’s patience and what was supposed to be a small side project becomes a big nightmare.  When the ’36 coupe returns to the Coddington garage Duane pushes the team to work around the clock, battling rising temperatures and flaring tempers to keep the car on schedule.
  Episode 55: '36 Roadster 3
Boyd and his team scramble to finish three projects:  A 1936 Ford coupe, a matching golf cart, and a special edition pedal car for the Ford Motor Company.  The crew must race to complete the build in time for the first annual Boyd Coddington Collector Car auction.  But as the overlapping projects compete for the crew's time, Duane is forced to step in and lay down the law in an effort to sustain the build's momentum.


Episode # r Prod # Airdate Title Rating
37 3x01  
03 / Oct / 2005
Make-A-Wish Car (Part 1) N/A
38 3x02  
10 / Oct / 2005
Make-A-Wish Car (Part 2) N/A
39 3x03  
17 / Oct / 2005
Make-A-Wish Car (Part 3) N/A
40 3x04  
13 / Mar / 2006
'54 Corvette and '55 Chevy (Part 1) N/A
41 3x05  
20 / Mar / 2006
'54 Corvette and '55 Chevy (Part 2) N/A
42 3x06  
27 / Mar / 2006
'54 Corvette and '55 Chevy (Part 3) N/A
43 3x07  
03 / Apr / 2006
`56 Chevy Convertible N/A
44 3x08  
10 / Apr / 2006
`56 Chevy Convertible (2) N/A
45 3x09  
17 / Apr / 2006
`56 Chevy Convertible (3) N/A
46 3x10  
01 / May / 2006
`61 Impala Bubble Top N/A
47 3x11  
08 / May / 2006
`61 Bubbletop (2) N/A
48 3x12  
15 / May / 2006
`61 Bubbletop (3) N/A
49 3x13  
22 / May / 2006
`61 Bubbletop (4) N/A
50 3x14  
10 / Jul / 2006
`40 Ford (1) N/A
51 3x15  
17 / Jul / 2006
`40 Ford (2) N/A
52 3x16  
24 / Jul / 2006
`40 Ford (3) N/A
53 3x17  
02 / Oct / 2006
`36 Roadster (1) N/A
54 3x18  
09 / Oct / 2006
`36 Roadster (2) N/A
55 3x19  
16 / Oct / 2006
`36 Roadster (3) N/A