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American Icon : The Hot Rod

Season 1

Episode 3
Original Air Date - 9 November 2010

The Appleseeds: Hot Rod Magazine - Wally Parks and the NHRA

the "Johnny Appleseeds" of Hot Rodding (Bob "Pete" Petersen, Wally Parks, & Ak Miller) ... who (with the help of many others) promoted Hot Rodding and spread organized Drag Racing across the nation in the early '50s. Interviews, archival footage and commentary from hot rod racers, builders and historians who brought the country's attention to the new sports of organized drag racing and hot rodding. It also included a short segment about Ak Miller's (HRM sponsored) participation in Mexico's Carrera Panamericana races of the early '50s

(in order of appearance)

* Chip Foose
* Greg Sharp
* Dick Messer
* Alex Xydias
* Steven Young
* Ken Gross
* Tommy Ivo
* Art Chrisman
* Tony Thacker
* Gigi Carleton
* Bruce Meyer (Deuce Bruce)
* Pete Chapouris
* Phil Remington
* Leslie Kendall