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American Icon : The Hot Rod

Season 1

Episode 10
Original Air Date - 28 December 2010

Barn-Find Belly Tank: Rebirth of So-Cal Speed Shop

Alex Xydias closed the doors of the original So-Cal Speed Shop in 1961. But when Bruce Meyer commissioned the restoration of the famed So-Cal Belly Tank in the mid-90's, Xydias teamed up with Pete Chapouris to reopen the shop as a high-end restoration and fabrication destination. Also part of the team is younger builder Jimmy Shine, whose Bonneville success and influential primered '34 truck have helped bring the shop into a new century.

As the title suggests, this episode included footage of Bruce Meyer "finding" the So-Cal Speed Shop Belly Tank in Don Ferguson's "barn" ... and went on to explain how the restored tank was the impetus for the rebirth of the So-Cal brand.

Again, lots of cool vintage photos and movie footage [I didn't know Alex shut down the shop to pursue making Hot Rod & Auto Racing (B'ville, Drags, Indy 500, etc.) films for the big screen & television] ... plus commentary from the following:

(in order of appearance)

* Chip Foose
* Alex Xydias
* Pete Chapouris
* Bruce Meyer (Deuce Bruce)
* Jimmy Shine