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American Icon : The Hot Rod

Season 1

Episode 9
Original Air Date - 21 December 2010

A Link to the Past: Restoration and Preservation

Chip Foose narrates over old video, pictures and first-hand stories that explore the origins of the American classic car racing culture that developed on the streets and drag strips of Southern California in the 1930 and 40s. This episode was about preserving the history of our hobby ... more specifically, it was a feature about Hot Rod "Preservationists" like Bruce Meyer, Jim Jacobs, Kirk White, Don Orosco, Art Chrisman, Blackie Gejeian, etc., etc.

Plenty of vintage photos of iconic Hot Rods ... and video of them in all their "restored" glory:

... plus commentary from the following:

(in order of appearance)

* Chip Foose
* Bruce Meyer (Deuce Bruce)
* Leslie Kendall
* Vic Edelbrock Jr.
* Pete Chapouris
* Greg Sharp
* Ken Gross
* Art Chrisman
* Mike Chrisman
* Roy Brizio
* Tony Thacker