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Wrecks to Riches

Series 1, Episode 1
Frankenstein's Monster

First broadcast on 2006-03-28 

Barry White is looking to resurrect something special for the big Silver Auto Auction in Reno, Nevada.

On the internet, his daughter Jen tracks down a '71 Plymouth Road Runner, which gets his blood pumping. The Chrysler model attracted MOPAR fans during the muscle car era and Barry’s hoping to do the same at auction, more than 30 years later.

Trouble is, on inspection, the Road Runner’s riddled with rust. But Barry's already bought it over the net. He has to think quickly. He buys a second Plymouth to get out of a bind.

Like Dr. Frankenstein, he plans to create one Super Muscle Car from the two donor wrecks. Then his designer, Chris Brown, suggests they crank the Frankenstein thing up another notch and make a GTX, the top-of-the-line Plymouth muscle car. But to pull it off, they need a MOPAR Hemi engine. And that’s when things go down hill fast.

The big MOPAR dream runs out of time and costs Barry way more than he wanted to spend. And the more they get into their Frankenstein creation, the more they find it was probably a big mistake.

MOPAR fans are hard-markers and fiercely protective of their brand. Can Barry and the team create a GTX to loosen the cash from the pockets? Or will they be left with a monster no one wants?

Barry White's daughter, Jennifer, tracks down this '71 Road Runner on Ebay, which Barry purchases for $1600.

Barry utilizes the parts from this rusty Road Runner on a Plymouth Satellite body -- found at the same location -- to create his final masterpiece.

Barry decides to use this this Plymouth Satellite body which is in decent condition as a base for his Plymouth Road Runner. The body of these two Plymouths are identical.



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