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Wrecks to Riches

Series 1, Episode 7
The Fireman's Ball

First broadcast on 2006-05-16

Barry White's Speed Shop has been taken over by the Beverly Hills Fire Department. Or at least, fire-fighting muscle car enthusiasts who've moved in to help him rebuild his latest wreck — and this one is something special.

The 1969 Mustang Fastback was a classic of its era. With smooth lines, and powerful engine, it defined muscle car, and turned heads at every traffic light. But that was more than thirty years ago, and the wreck Barry has found wouldn't even turn heads in the junkyard.

After six previous cars, Barry is used to the challenge. He has only a month to turn this dilapidated Mustang, into the Pony car that steals the show at the prestigious Kruse Auto Auction in Las Vegas.

This time it should be easier. He has the fire fighters providing much needed labor. Even better, so many want in on the act, they spilt into two shifts, prepared to keep working virtually around the clock. And that's where Barry's problems start.

Who knew fire fighters could be so competitive? The rivalry between A Shift and B Shift is fierce, with each trying to outdo the other, and Barry's stuck in the middle playing peacemaker. They're working so fast, parts guy Chris Brown can't keep up. Before long, there's a workshop full of agitated fire fighters, with nothing to do.

It's a recipe for disaster and Barry has never had to handle anything like this before. Will the fire fighters walk out? Will Chris find the parts they need? Will the Super Muscle Car version of the Mustang Fastback get finished?

For Barry, making riches out of this wreck seems an impossible dream.



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