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Wrecks to Riches

Series 2, Episode 5
1957 Chevrolet

First broadcast on 6/07/2007

BEFOREThe Muscle Car Era has made Barry White a happy man, along with his high-dollar customers who buy his creations at auction.

But this hot rodder and drag racer is always looking for a challenge and Barry finds it one morning during his pre-breakfast stroll.

Outside his neighbor's house sits an American classic; a '57 Chevy, with a 4-sale sign that Barry can't walk past.

AFTERThe only question in Barry's mind is whether to turn it into restoration project or a quarter-mile burning dragster? The answer comes only too quickly, as the body turns out to be junk… too much time, too much money for restoration. Barry decides to head for the track and give it the Mother Of All nose jobs and a monster motor to try to hook a drag-racing fan.

He decides to hold the auction at the Wally Parks National Hot Rod Association Museum. And if that's not risky enough, Barry wants to try a new way of selling; a silent auction, with sealed bids. It works for Real Estate auctions, but can it work for Barry?

Turns out there's nothing 'silent' about this auction!


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