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Wrecks to Riches

Series 1, Episode 10
Poison Dart

First broadcast on 6/06/2006

Barry White and the Speed Shop team are exhausted. The challenge of transforming a rusted wreck into a gleaming, powerful, super muscle car is enormous in itself. But every month, for the last 9 months, they've done exactly that. Now, there is just one car left to build.

For the grand finale, Barry is looking to create something truly unique and buried away at the back of a scrap yard, he finds it. The Dodge Dart.

Stock standard, this was not a vehicle to get an enthusiast's heart racing. It was a compact, with good but not outstanding performance. That was until someone got the idea of dropping in a massively powerful Hemi engine, and creating the fastest accelerating car on the road.

Barry plans to recapture the spirit of that '69 legend, by building his own Hemi Dart. After completing nine previous cars on time, he's confident he can do it. Maybe too confident. Before he's even bought the wreck, Barry's committed to sell the Dart at the Russo and Steele auction, in Scottsdale Arizona, at any price. He has to get the car there, and unless it's perfect, he'll lose a fortune.

Designer Chris Brown has a plan to bump up the price, by injecting a little Rock and Roll into the Dart. He's got a contact with the 80's band Poison. It's a perfect fit. The "Poison Dart". But can he convince drummer Ricky Rocket to come down the Speed Shop and give the car his blessing?

4 weeks. An implausibly powerful car. A rockstar to wrangle. Selling at any price. Can Barry White pull off perhaps the biggest challenge he's faced in the series?

If the Dart misses the target, it will end up costing Barry a fortune.

Barry has one more build to complete his mission of restoring ten wrecks in ten months. For the grand finale, he wants to create something truly unique from a wreck buried away at the back of a scrap yard. He finds just that with this 1969 Dodge Dart.

Barry's Dart is a long way away from auction ready as you can tell from the car's interior.

After completing nine previous cars on time, Barry is confident that he and his crew can build a Hemi Dart to sell at any price at the Russo and Steele Auction in Scottsdale, AZ.

Molly orange doesn't sound like a very masculine paint color for a muscle car, but body man Tony Correia is a huge fan of this color.

The crew strengthens the engine department with tubular bracing which support the large Hemi engine.

Remember the old, ragged cloth seats the crew found inside the Dart wreck? Well, there gone now!

This hemi engine wasn't an easy find for designer Chris Brown, but no other engine would be the same.

It's all in the details when the car is at auction.

Designer Chris Brown injects a little rock 'n roll into the Dodge Dart by convincing Poison drummer Ricki Rockett to come down to the Speed Shop and give the car his blessing.



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