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How to Build a Muscle Car


Wrecks to Riches

Series 1, Episode 4
The Apprentices

First broadcast on 2006-04-18 

Class is in at Barry White’s Speed Shop. Five students from the local Hot Rod University volunteer to help Barry’s team turn a clapped-out ’70 Pontiac Le Mans into a brand new GTO for the Silver Auto Auction in Portland, Oregon.

With just four weeks to complete the transformation, it seems like a good idea — until Barry finds the pitfalls of playing teacher and producing a Super Muscle Car at the same time.

There are speed bumps at every turn. Seems no one did the homework on GTO parts — the crucial front-end is missing in action. And the promise of a job to the best student turns the classroom into a Bullpen. The students spilt into A and B teams creating a distraction just when Barry needs results.

If that isn’t enough, word is there’s no money at the Portland auction. Barry’s favourite buyers aren’t coming. GTO 101 is shaping up for disaster.


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