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Wrecks to Riches

Series 1, Episode 8
The Legend

First broadcast on 2006-05-23

Barry White's reputation as an award winning hot rod builder is on the line. He has a crazy idea to recreate a '60s Stock Car —  in race-trim, but street legal. And not just any Stock Car; he's asked legendary race car driver Parnelli Jones for permission to reproduce his 1964 Mercury Marauder and he doesn't want to let him down.

Normally Barry needs four weeks to transform old wrecks into auction drawcards, but this time he only has three. He's thinking a rough and ready stock car should be any easy build. Until he finds out nobody makes the parts anymore.

Adding to his worries, he doesn't have his normal team of workers and has to call in some family favors.

The speed shop is stressed to the max, so it's all hands on deck. But will everyone pull their weight?

He has two deadlines, the McCormick auction in Palm Springs, and an assessment of his work from Parnelli Jones himself.
Will he make the grade and make some money?



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