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Wrecks to Riches

Series 1, Episode 5
Mean Green

First broadcast on 2006-04-25

Barry White's speed shop is in melt down. They've committed to turning 10 wrecks into auction showpieces in as many months. And the strain is showing.

Midway through, morale is at an all time low, but Barry has a plan to inject life back into his team. He sets out to build a mean, green, super-muscle dragster.

A car his team can't help but get excited about.

A former drag racer himself, it's familiar turf for Barry…..and his wife Becky who was towed to countless drag strips in their courting days. This should bring back some memories and motivate the crew, all of them drag fans.

But Barry knows putting a drag car under the hammer is a big gamble. There will be limited buyers and although it will be street legal, it wont be the car to take shopping. It's based on a '60s Chevy Nova. They call it 'Gangreen'.

Barry encourages his young paint and body guy, Todd, also a drag racer, to steer the project. Then Barry challenges another of his young charges, Branden, to get an old shop dragster ready for a showdown at the end of the build.

How can you make a race-certified, street-legal, fire-breather monster in four weeks? And will there be a cashed-up drag fan at the Silver Auto Auction in Portland Oregon?

The team is about to find out.



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