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Wrecks to Riches

Series 1, Episode 3
Dad Stole My Car

First broadcast on 2006-04-11

Barry White has a problem. He may be a Hot Rod superstar, building some of America's coolest and expensive custom vehicles, but right now he can't even find a wreck to work on.

The Kruse Auto Auction in Las Vegas is just four weeks away. Barry needs to be there with a stunning creation to catch a cashed-up buyer with the big bucks.

Barry wants to build a 'super muscle' car, a vehicle that looks like the 1960s but drives like 2005. He needs an old wreck, not too far gone, which he and his team can transform into a showroom masterpiece.

After trawling the junkyards he's found nothing appropriate and has run out of time. There is one wreck he could use. But it belongs to his daughter Jen. Could he just take it? You bet.

Jen's reaction is no surprise. The teenager storms off on hearing the news and the Speed Shop emergency turns into a family feud. Will Jen come around and help work on her car, only to hand it over to some rich buyer in Vegas? Will she ever talk to her father again?

Can Barry's team, a collection of characters and experts, turn a clapped-out Chevy Chevelle into a show-stopping muscle car in just four weeks? How much will it cost Barry? Could he ever get his money back?

It will take more than good luck to pull it off. And even if they get the car built on time, when they turn up at the auction, their fate lies in the hands of fickle buyers.

Barry's money, his reputation, and his family relations are on the line.




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