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Wrecks to Riches

Series 2, Episode 4
Plymouth Satelite Roadrunner

First broadcast on 5/31/2007

BEFOREThe Road Runner made the Coyote look stupid in cartoon land. How will Barry and the team go with their SMC version?

This no-frills speedster was a favorite with moonshiners, it could out-run any police car. Barry doesn't plan to break the law, but he sure wants to break the rules.

Helping him are some more guys from O'Reilly and MOPAR guru Ronnie Jenkins. It's the A-team turning this ugly duckling into a swaggering swan.

AFTERAnd Barry has another auction brainstorm: "Sell it on the internet!" Barry's entrepreneurial spirit is ignited by his DIY auction, now he's putting his next creation online, hoping to flush out buyers from absolutely everywhere.

Bidders can watch the build progress on Barry's website as they contemplate how much they think it's worth. What's more the last two days of auction will be watched at SEMA, by Barry, his team and thousands of SEMA visitors who have a chance to bid themselves through computers at the TURBO stand. A big screen projector and loud auctioneer calling the online action will be a SEMA showstopper.

Then it's out to the SEMA skid pan to smoke up the Road Runner before adoring fans.


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